4 September 2018

Creative Talk with George Yasbic, Developer



George Yasbic is a Sydney based developer – currently studying at the Google Academy in San Francisco.  We find out what makes George excited about freelancing and where he sees the future of Front-End.


What made you reach out to apply and study at the Google Academy?


I’ve always wanted to work at Google. I initially was a part of their partner program and knew they had so much more to offer, so I applied not thinking much of it and then got accepted.


How long has the course been for?


So far the course has been for just over a month.


What’s the stand out learning from the course so far?


Your ability to learn is more important than your current IQ and that your current expertise and way of doing things can actually be a hindrance.


You are a busy freelancer – best part of freelancing?


I can be anywhere in the world, doing what I love to do and not be tied down to a chair stuck between four walls.


How about the worst part?


It does get a little overwhelming at times.


How do you see the future of freelancing as a Front-End Developer?


There is so much opportunity out there, new platforms, technologies developing rapidly. Front-end development is such an important key aspect in any digital project


Roles are merging – Do you think Full-Stack Designers are replacing Front-End Developers?


Having a combination of skills is much better than just one, especially as a front-end developer. Designers have a great eye for detail and so pay much more attention to the smaller things, which make the biggest difference. I have a good eye for detail and design but not GREAT. I am eventually going to upskill to become a full-stack designer if I don’t choose a different path.


Are there any new / emerging web technologies that have you excited?


Technology is rapidly changing and there are many projects that I am glad to be a part of that


What advice would you give to graduates looking to get their first job as a developer?


Set goals, be open to learning new ways and new things from other developers. You should be mastering and enhancing your skill set whenever possible. Coding should be an extension of yourself.


What’s 2019 all about for you?


My goal for 2019 is to take a different approach to my freelancing business and potentially expand into a small agency in order to offer more services. Also hoping to have some time to plan a project of my own, an app.