11 October 2018

Creative Talk with Mitch Morgan Designs

Mitch Morgan Design describe themselves as a boutique design agency covering brand, digital, publications, experiences motion and more.  We talk to Mitch about his biggest challenge and where to from here.


Mitch Morgan Design have been in Sydney for 5 years. How did you come to life?

I originally founded the studio to seek out the types of projects I enjoyed working on. I have a background in both graphic design, animation and video production, so I wanted to found a studio where I could utilise every crayon in my mental colouring box.


What was been the biggest challenge in starting your own agency?

When you start your own agency you really give it everything you have, so often the work / life balance gets a little off-kilter. We’ve been around for 5 years now so the team has definitely settled in a nice groove.


You cover print and digital – is your work a straight split between the two?

Absolutely. Each day is completely different. We’ll be developing a website one day, storyboarding an animation the next. I think you have to be versatile in your service offering as projects rarely just fall in into one medium. Being a design swiss-army knife is what we pride ourselves on.


What does a typical day at Mitch Morgan Design entail?

Coffee. Design. Repeat.


What are the main technologies you work with and why do you prefer them?

Our tools are Adobe CC for design, and G-Suite for communication.


Are there any new / emerging web technologies that have you excited?

There are some really cool things happening in VR that we’ve been starting to utilise in our experience and event design work.


When hiring, what are the top qualities you look for in a designer / developer?  Do you prefer people who have cross over skills or specialise in one area?

I am always looking for people who have “the design eye”. If you have a good understanding of design, composition, colour and typography, that is key for me. The design eye is a skill you either have, or you don’t. It can’t be taught! The technical skills are secondary as they can be learned on the job.


How would you describe the culture at Mitch Morgan Design?

We’re super casual and always work as a team on every project. We have great relationships with many long-standing clients’ so our relaxed nature really extends beyond the studio too.


How about personality? Is this an important hire factor for you?

You have to be confident and a good team player. Everybody produces their best work when they collaborate.


What’s the best advice you would give yourself starting out on your career?

You gotta learn the rules before you can break them.


What’s next for Mitch Morgan Design?

In this year alone, we’ve done jobs ranging from Mardi Gras floats to Amish country re-brands. We never know who’s about to give us a call. And we love it that way!



You can find them online at