5 June 2018

Creative Talk with Tammy Flavell, Crisp Communications


CT Tammy Flavell Crisp Communications


Creative Talk with Tammy Flavell, Communication Consultant at Crisp Communications.  We find out Tammy’s favourite projects to work on ( which includes ‘The Pink Path’, Te Ara I Whiti) and what drives her to succeed.


What career journey did you take to where you are today?


I started out in marketing, both here in New Zealand and the UK. I found myself working back in New Zealand in the infrastructure industry and was shoulder tapped to work in community engagement, and it all started there.  One of my first bosses thought I might have a knack for it. It was an opportunity I seized and I haven’t looked back.


How do you describe your consultancy?


I work as a collective -  we are a group of consultation and engagement experts.  We work mostly in the infrastructure industry, from power networks to new roading developments.  We start out on projects from their inception; we are there from the early stages of a project, planning the community engagement, and work through the consultation and feedback process that shapes the project.  Working very closely with the public and clients.


PR & Comms – do they go hand in hand on your projects?


I cover PR to a certain extent.  My focus is mostly direct engagement - engaging directly impacted and interested parties. It is an effective way to meet people.


You have worked with some interesting clients – any projects that stand-out?


‘The Pink Path’, Te Ara I Whiti.  The fun thing about working on some of these big projects, is getting to have a sneak peak before they open – and also being part of a major development for the city.

Another project stand-out is the engagement and comms around the installation of a 220 kV of a transmission cable across Auckland, including up and under the harbour bridge, which was put in place to reinforce the power supply to North Auckland and Northland.


Any clients / projects that you would like to work on in the future?


I think more of the cycle ways and new transport networks – because you are a vital part of helping people get around and helping to ease the congestion projects – making the city more livable.


Where do you see the future of PR / Communications going?


I think there will be a lot more digital engagement tools – a lot more interactive technologies – VR etc.


Do you seek your clients, or do they seek you out?


It is a bit of both really.  We always aim to do the best job we can and it is great when we get asked back to work on another project – it is so rewarding.  We become brand ambassadors for our clients – we are really committed to achieving great outcomes for these companies.  We are extended team members and that relationship and trust is really important to us and to the client.  We are part of the team.


What would be the one thing you would like your clients to consider?


I think it is great when a client is open to trying new things.  We like a challenge, seeing and looking to improve and try new ways - it is always great when a client is open to working with us on these projects.


What do you find peaks your passion in your role as a Communications Consultant?


I like learning about the new communities – I get access to all these communities, and it’s the opportunity to create lasting changes.  It is giving people a voice, making sure people are heard and that can foster a sense of community.  Letting people know their opinions and experiences really matter.  The feedback they provide can make tangible changes to the projects.  People are being listened to and their feedback is being used and applied to real life infrastructure changes.

Projects all have an impact on someone, it may seem inconsequential for a huge project, but for that person whose neighborhood is going to change in some way – that’s important to use.  Honesty and integrity – treating people truthfully.

I have ideas coming to me during the night and we work very hard for our clients – you live and breathe the project, no matter how big or how small.