14 April 2014

Mediation and employment law



You may find yourself at some stage in an employment situation where you need to seek legal advice.


Perhaps you have been treated unfairly, or there are company issues that are having an adverse effect on you and your performance.


Has your employer set unprecedented demands on your role, work hours, salary, that is not in your contract?


Do you feel you have been unjustly dismissed from your role?




Many employers are not aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to approaching staff about problems, how to work through the discipline procedures, and sometimes the basics of how to deal with staffing issues in general.


Whatever your reason, it really is not a nice situation to be in, it can be very stressful and intimidating, especially if you are an innocent bystander.


If you have not already been told, then I would suggest talking to your employer, to find out the reasons behind their actions.


It may be that both parties just need to have an around the table discussion to clear the air. Ensure that you get a written copy of the outcome and expectations from this meeting.




I highly recommend seeking legal advice.


There are many employment dispute specialists you can talk to. They will listen to you and advise you on the best actions and approach to take.




Personally I prefer to use people who have come recommended.


I can highly recommend Danny Gelb from Employment Disputes Law.


Danny will work with you to mediate, negotiate and advise on your behalf. 0800 435 763


For information on the New Zealand Employment relations and legislation you can go to The Department of Labour website or contact them at 0800 20 90 20.


The above information is not to be taken as legal advice. Copyright of this article belongs to The Creative Store.