25 January 2017

2017 Content & Communities Summit

28 - 29 March 2017

Activate your content strategy through the power of communities, automation, and analytics!


We're proud to bring you the 2017 Content & Communities Summit! Join us in this jam-packed event that looks at a 360 degree view of content, communities, marketing automation and analytics all in one.


Why put Content & Communities together? 


Content marketing is all about creating valuable content to attract, acquire and engage customers. But this doesn't happen in a vacuum, customers love to talk to each other and to brands. This is where Community Management becomes key to your content strategy, and understanding how to tailor content to the unique needs of these niche audiences is crucial to ensuring the success of your marketing through effectively utilising automation and analytics. And when it boils down to it, it's all about driving customer action and that's why Content & Communities go hand-in-hand.


Meet your International Speaker: Lisa Venter is the Content Strategist at Skyscanner and sits in the Central Growth Tribe.


Lisa will be sharing Skyscanner's story 'From start-up to global business: Behind the scenes of Skyscanner's content and communities strategy to pump up growth'.


Take the opportunity to learn how content and community management has been a driving force for Skyscanner, how data insights inform their strategy to connect and engage audiences, the lessons learned along the journey, and tying it all back to the bottom line.



Topics for 2017:


  • Hottest trends, emerging technology, and the future of content marketing
  • Key challenges to keep up with and make sure you reach your customers
  • Practical tips and tricks from leading experts on how to hit ROI and pump up growth
  • Real-world case studies from local heroes who share their passion for story-telling
  • Data-driven content marketing: dive into the numbers and learn how to measure the success of your content campaign
  • And more!


Plus two interactive workshops!


Who will be there? 


  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Digital
  • Content and Communications Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager


If you're serious about getting your Content game plan on point, this event is for you.


Comments from 2016 attendees: 


'Really inspiring and relevant to today's marketing world'

'One of the best conferences I've been to, the content was rich and full'

'Fantastic line-up of speakers and topics'

'Good mix of art and science sessions that I found really interesting'


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