10 November 2016

BA Development Day 2016

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Could you have done that in 2006? Now think about how your workplace, your stockholders and communication techniques have changed over the past 10 years. How will you work in 2026? We can start exploring that future at the BA Development Day in 2016. This year’s conference format reflects the new way we learn – from each other. At the conference, we vote on the topics and actively investigate what our future might be. BA Development Day 2016 combines speakers examining what they see and facilitators who will demonstrate their trade and the tips and tricks to help us become better facilitators. Topics could include how customer data is now required and used to determine future products and services, how automated testing could change how requirements are written (if they are written at all) and how we learn from each other better than in a classroom.


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17 November 2016

Shed 6 located on Wellington's Queens Wharf.



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