16 July 2020

Banksy Paints Mask-Wearing Reminder As Train Commuters Watch

Banksy is back, and this time, the street artist spray-painted sneezing rats in the London Underground train in front of baffled passengers.


The artist disguised himself as a cleaner as he dressed in protective gear and took to the Tube to spray graffiti in the carriage to urge Londoners to wear masks.


In a video posted to Instagram, the elusive artist wore a hazmat suit, face mask and goggles, disguising himself as Transport for London’s (TfL) deep-cleaner. He started stenciling on the train walls and the windows, as commuters look over.


The masterpieces showed a rat sneezing while another rodent used the PPE as a parachute. The last rat appeared to be spraying the word “Banksy” using a bottle of sanitizer.


The artist captioned the post, “If you don’t mask, you don’t get,” reminding Londoners to wear a face cover to protect themself during the coronavirus pandemic.


According to CNN, Banksy’s latest artwork was soon removed by the TFL as it was in “violation of its ‘strict anti-graffiti’ policy.”


Despite the artwork being taken down, a spokesperson for TFL appreciated “the sentiment of encouraging people to wear face coverings” and would like to invite Banksy to “do a new version of his message” in a much “suitable location.”


Source: Design Taxi