4 November 2015

Codemania - 1 April 2016

We're super excited to announce the launch of CODEMANIA 2016! It hardly seems like yesterday that we started a brand new developer conference right here in Auckland, NZ - but believe it or not, that was 2012, and in April we'll be running our 5th annual event!



Every year we remind people that Codemania sells out. Every year we get people who leave their tickets too late and miss out.


Don't be that person this time. Tickets for Codemania 2016 are available right now - follow the 'Buy Tickets' link on the site at, or head straight over to if you just can't wait!


Let's take a few minutes to reflect on what Codemania is:

First and foremost, Codemania is a deep-dive — an exploration into interesting software development practices, regardless of platform or language. If it's dynamic or static; Windows or *nix; client or server; mobile or desktop... If it's improving the world through software development - then it's being talked about at Codemania!


Codemania is a festival — it's a celebration of the software development industry and the individual and collective parts we all play in our community.


Codemania is an opportunity — it's an opportunity to learn: From our globally recognised, industry leading speaker line-up; It's an opportunity to socialise within the vibrant Codemania community in the corridors, bars and cafes in and around the conference.


We'd love to hear what Codemania is to you: Drop us a line on and let us know!


Here are some headlines for the 2016 event:

We're back at the Luxurious Langham Hotel in Auckland's CBD.


We've assembled another world-class speaking roster. As well as the 8 confirmed names, we're well on the way to announcing the remaining 4...


We're not running any 1/2 day workshops, this year; instead we're running something we're calling Codemania Conversations during the weekend immediately after Codemania. We'll be heading to a stunning Auckland location, just 40 minutes drive from the CBD, for a 2-day unconference. There you'll be able to rub shoulders with, and pick the brains of, our amazing speakers as well as your peers from the Codemania family. For the most part, you will need to drive in for the 2 days, but there are a tiny (and we do mean tiny) number of rooms available on-site for the ultimate Codemania weekend experience: a 2-day unconference ticket as well as a room overnight on the Saturday, and even dinner with the Codemania speakers and staff.


Seriously: Get in quick.