11 December 2016

Codemania 2017

Codemania is back and better than ever: a full day of information and inspiration from software practitioners at the top of their game. Codemania conference will be held at the luxurious Langham Hotel on Friday April 28th.


We think you'd need to go overseas to a massive global conference, like QCon or GOTO to find a speaker line-up to rival the one we've assembled for you. Here's just a little taste:


  • Sandi Metz: Long time Rubyist and seriously one of the best technical speakers around.
  • Mads Torgersen (Microsoft): Program Manager, language designer, and maintainer of the language specification for C#.
  • Kyle Kingsbury (Stripe): "The man who tortures databases"
  • Jamesha Fisher (Github): Security Engineer at the world's largest community source code company.
  • Randall Koutnik (Netflix): UI engineer at Netflix, and formerly tech lead at that amazing live DoS attack visualisation company, Norse.


Get your tickets as soon as you can. We've sold out every year, and our earlybird pricing expires soon. Just like last year, there's two events:


  • Codemania Conference: 1 day, 28th April
  • Codemania Conversations: 2 days, 29/30 April - Extremely limited tickets.