13 June 2015

CreativeMornings with Jimi Hunt

CreativeMornings is bringing us another fabulous speaker, read all about it below:


Friday 19 June, 8:00am - 9.30am
Studio One Toi Tū


We all want to change the world. We may not always admit it, but there’s a part of everyone that wants to leave the world in a better shape than it was when we entered it. To enact positive change. To be a part of a revolution.


Creative communities often play an important role in revolutions. Made up of passionate individuals that are more than happy to break rules, challenge stereotypes, fight passionately for their convictions and make change, they also have the skills to capture the minds and hearts of the greater public and inspire them to take action.


For June’s CreativeMornings talk we’ve shoulder tapped one such individual; Jimi Hunt. Jimi has, over the past few years, been leading his own revolution, tackling the way we talk about and handle mental health. It’s a growing problem, with the World Health Organisation estimating that by the year 2025 over 80% of people on the planet will suffer from a mental health condition.


Jimi is passionate about inspiring everyone to take control & improve their mental health, and through his work with Live More Awesome, hopes to contribute to that not becoming reality.


Join us on Friday 19th June at Studio One Toi Tū, to hear Jimi’s take on starting a revolution by branding something nobody wants to talk about.


Sign ups start here on Monday, June 15 at 11:00am.




Jimi suffered from depression that ruined more than three years of his life and is still something he deals with every day. Part of getting better included lilo-ing the entire length of the Waikato River which led to him writing a best-selling book about it called “A Bit Mental”. He also got to live out his childhood dream of building the World’s Biggest Waterslide,  present a TED Talk and start a charity called Live More Awesome dedicated to inspiring others to be able to talk openly about depression and how to deal with it. Aside from LMA he runs his branding and design company “The Creative Difference”, loves doing public speaking to schools, corporates and anyone that will listen.