4 January 2017

Design Research 2017

Design Research 2017

9 March 2017, Sydney A full day dedicated to design research - from planning, to collection, to analysis to use.


Design Research 2017 will be a single day event that takes a deep dive into all things related to research for design work.


The program


We are collecting ideas for the program until early December and anticipate it will include coverage of the following and more:


  • Recruiting for research, particularly how to find specific or specialist participants
  • Research methods - not just standard methods, but interesting uses of core methods, combining methods and creating new ones
  • Analysing research outcomes
  • Communicating research findings to other people
  • Taking research right through to design
  • Communicating the value of design research and differentiating it from other kinds of research


It’s a community conference


The conference focused on the Australian service design community, with presentations by local speakers and opportunities to share experiences with each other.


Who is it for


If you are in a role where you will be undertaking any kind of research for a design project or product this conference is for you. You might be called one of the following, or manage them:


  • User researcher
  • Market researcher
  • User experience designer
  • Product designer
  • Product owner or manager
  • Design manager
  • Exhibition or event designer


Who’s responsible


Design Research 2017 will be run by the team at UX Events (Donna Spencer, Steve Baty and Sarah Boyd).


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