1 October 2018

Doubling Down with Double Denim


Fri 26 October 2018

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM NZDT

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13 Rose Road



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$182.55 – $402.50


Refunds up to 7 days before event


Recommended for Marketers, Strategists, anyone wanting to be pushed so ... EVERYONE REALLY.


Double Denim's Directors are coming to Auckland for a full-day workshop & talk consisting of two sessions, which are also available to purchase as individual sessions. Session one is 'How to make Impact' with Anna Dean and session two 'Unlocking the 23 trillion dollar economy' with Angela Meyer.


Double Denim is a strategic creative agency that uses gender intelligence for political, commercial and social good. ‘Think 'Single White Female' meets 'The Mighty Boosh' — if it had a cosmic love child with the band Van Halen’ — says Directors Anna Dean and Angela Meyer, who are in the business of making corporate cool with a track record for innovative, behaviour-changing strategies.


Anna and Angela are also behind the Ace Lady Network, bringing together 4000+ women (and sometimes men) through constructive conversations on topics ranging from feminism, politics, sex, generosity and life in general for women in the 21st century.




10am—12pm Session 1: 'How to make Impact' with Anna Dean


We live in an age where all content is up against the 'casual smartphone flick' – a reality of the digital tsunami we're all living under in 2018. Anna Dean is an experienced impact producer and has a slate of NZ films under her belt, and will talk to what it means to create "meaningful engagement" in this mobile information age.


12:00—2pm: Q&A session and lunch break


2—4pm Session 2: 'Unlocking the 23 trillion dollar economy' with Angela Meyer


Angela Meyer is all about gender intelligence. In this session, she'll share key insights from Double Denim’s pioneering research into the female economy. With women responsible for 80% of all purchasing decisions and 78% of women saying that great customer service is the most important factor when choosing a retailer, this session will highlight ways you can disrupt design to put women in the picture and access the $23 trillion dollars global female market. Practical and useful advice to make you think.


Double Denim 2

About Anna and Angela:


Anna Dean has changed the name of a capital city.


In a nutshell: Not everyone can turn online buzz into real-world results, and vice versa. Anna Dean can. By knowing how to make the right noise with the right people, she’s in the business of making corporate cool.


Reason for being? Anna cut her teeth in the art world – helping friends’ projects get the attention they deserved. A Golden Bay girl at heart, she also has a deep connection to the land and is never afraid to plunge into the sea. Social issues, like the gender pay gap, also get Anna fired up.


Claim to fame? TV3’s David Farrier described Anna as a “marketing genius” after she changed Wellington to “Vellington” for the launch of What We Do in the Shadows.


Angela Meyer often surprises, sometimes shocks and always delivers.


In a nutshell: She has a track record for innovative, behaviour-changing strategies. She’s not afraid to make hard decisions in the name of high-impact results.


Reason for being? Many of Angela’s personal projects are about helping women realise how ace they are; she started the Real Hot Bitches international dance troupe. Ange’s happy place is in nature, and she will fight fiercely to defend it.


Claim to fame? Ange is known for having wild adventures – like that time she and her husband, along with their one-year-old baby, bought a boat in the Caribbean and sailed it through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific. Things didn’t end so well. Want to know more? Why not read Sea Fever, the book she wrote about it.


Angela is a finalist in the 2018 Women of Influence Awards.