2 July 2018

Free The Bid launches workshop in Sydney

Free The Bid launches two-day intensive TVC directing workshop in Sydney, July 21st - 22nd



Advocating on behalf of female directors for equal opportunities in the film and television industry, Free The Bid Australia is launching an Intensive TVC Directing Workshop, to be held at Fox Studios in Sydney on July 21st and July 22nd 2018.


Giving emerging female directors access to experienced industry professionals, the two-day workshop will cover many aspects of the filmmaking process, such as the art of work/life balance as a full-time director, writing and designing treatments, the post production process, and, working with editors and visual effects teams.


Other topics to be explored include: the expectations now placed on directors - from pitching through to post; understanding the current advertising climate; what advertising agencies look for in a director; and, how to get signed with a production company.


The speaker line up brings a variety of industry leaders together, with award-winning directors Tracey Rowe, Zoe Macintosh, Jasmin Tarasin and Fiona McGee joined by executive producers Bonnie Law (Heckler), Leah Churchill Brown (Exit Films), Loren Bradley (The Sweet Shop) and Oliver Lawrance (Photoplay Films).


Also sharing their industry expertise is creative directors Sharon Edmunston (M&C Saatchi) and Kat Topp (One Green Bean), along with freelance editor Gaby Muir and treatment writer Ian Shadwell.


Says Jasmin Tarasin, Free The Bid Australia ambassador and director: "I've created a workshop under the Free The Bid banner that I myself would have got value from; covering off all of the questions I found hard to ask when I first started out as a director.


"With the idea to fast-track the knowledge you need to succeed as an emerging TVC director, I think it's invaluable to be in a space surrounded by your peers and colleagues where you are free to discuss any filmmaking subject you feel unsure about."


Workshop Details:
When: 21st and 22nd July 2018
Where: Fox Studios, Sydney - Meeting Room B61
Workshop Fee: $150 for one day and $250 for both days


Topics & Speakers

Saturday 21st July:
- Being a Director - The work/life balance of being a full time director
Jasmin Tarasin - Director - Photoplay


- Creative and Production Process of a TVC Case study
Tracey Rowe - Director


- Writing and Designing a Treatment for a TVC pitch
Ian Shadwell - Treatment writer


- Case Study: Creative and Production Process of a TVC
Fiona McGee - Director - Goodoil


- Case Study: Working with VFX
Bonnie Law - Executive Producer - Heckler


- Case Study: Creative and Production Process of a TVC
Zoe Macintosh - Director - The Sweet Shop


Sunday 22nd July:

- Roles and Expectations of a Director through Pitching to Post
Emma Thompson & Bonnie Fay - Senior Producers - Photoplay


- Understanding the Current Advertising Climate
Sharon Edmunston - Creative Director - M&C Saatchi


- How A Director Works with an Editor
Gaby Muir - Freelance Editor


- What Advertising Agencies Look for in a Director?
Kat Topp - Creative Director - One Green Bean


- Panel: What Production Companies Look for in Signing a Director?
Leah Churchill Brown - Executive Producer - Exit Films
Loren Bradley - Executive Producer - The Sweet Shop
Oliver Lawrence - Executive Producer - Photoplay