11 January 2018




Dinosaur sculptures in beautiful landscapes made from discarded toys


Jurassic Plastic is art for both kids and grown-ups – a fun exercise in creativity and nostalgia, while contemplating mass consumerism. Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji recycles and reinvents unwanted plastic toys into colourful ‘Toysaurus’ dinosaur sculptures and landscapes.


As a space where complex issues sit alongside simple joys, Fuji’s immersive installations are highly evocative: simultaneously dystopian, nostalgic and optimistic. But Jurassic Plastic is also a place to play – hands-on workshops will unlock your creative potential, where you can transform discarded plastic toys into your own new creations, drawing inspiration from the explosions of colour and patterns in the swamp of vibrant plastic and colourful sculptures.


Want to get more hands-on with Jurassic Plastic's toy world? Book a ticket to one of the workshops for 6–12-year-olds, or an Up Late session for the 18+ crowd.


One-hour Makerspace workshop sessions for 6–12 year-olds
Where kids get hands-on, building their own crazy and creative toy sculptures.


One-hour Atelier sessions with Hiroshi Fuji or a guest artist for 6–12 year-olds
Kids get to be artist assistants with Hiroshi Fuji, or a guest artist, to make Sydney’s ‘Toysaurus’ and other works of art.


Up Late sessions for 18+
Can’t make it down to the exhibition during the day? Come along to our ticketed after-hours sessions, grab a drink, and immerse yourself in the experience. With floor talks from Deputy Mayor Jess Miller, Sydney Festival Director Wesley Enoch and artist Hiroshi Fuji, TV comedian Craig Reucassel and Ecological wizard Stephen Mushin.


Up Late workshop sessions for 18+
Want to be an even bigger kid? Buy a ticket to take part in an adults-only Makerspace workshop and get creative making your own artworks!


Read the Jurassic Plastic Event Rules and FAQs


Please note: no food or drink allowed


Photo: Keizo Kioku
Courtesy: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, MORI YU Gallery & ArtsPeople