1 January 2019

Lego Serious Play Methodology

Serious Play WorksThere is nothing more magical than watching a team continue to grow and at a deeper level. I want to acknowledge Mike's part in our team development through facilitating using interactive thinking activities, stimulating our thinking as individuals and as a group. We are very fortunate, well done Mike.” Manager, Private Sector


LEGO Serious Play is the result of 15 years of research, development and work. It is a powerful, proven method to solve problems, explore ideas and achieve objectives together successfully. LEGO Serious Play = 100% of your people engaged 100% of the time.


The LEGO Serious Play Process uses four key steps: 1. The facilitator poses a question to all participants 2. All Participants build their answers using LEGO bricks 3. All participants share their answers with other participants 4. All participants reflect on what they have seen and heard.


LEGO Serious Play can be used in meetings and workshops enabling improvements in successful communication, collaboration and outcomes. LEGO Serious Play works with people from all backgrounds and levels of an organisation.


“Thank you for all the work you put in to make yesterday work for people. I learnt lots and I thought we had some good open and honest discussions, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Your input really helped this.” CEO, Public Sector


“Thanks Mike. I loved your workshop and you have a great way of connecting with your participants.” Manager, Private Sector


“Michael thank you, I will always appreciate your ability to command a crowd & facilitate so professionally.” Director, Public Sector “Earlier this year you facilitated a Lego play session for our Leadership team which was just awesome! I would like you to do another one with one of our other teams.” Team Leader, Public Sector


Mike is a qualified Lawyer, Scrum Master & Prince2 practitioner. He has facilitated workshops in Europe, USA, & New Zealand with a wide variety of organisations.



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