5 February 2024

New Book ‘I Love It. What Is It?’ Tells the Story of Renowned Brand Design Agency Turner Duckworth

LONDON, UK – Phaidon is delighted to present “I Love It. What Is It?,” available on February 24th in the UK wherever books are sold. This inspiring volume is from international branding and design company Turner Duckworth. Since its founding in 1992, the company has created some of the world’s most recognisable visual identities, working with cultural icons like Amazon, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Metallica.


‘I Love It. What Is it?’ celebrates unmistakable wit and visual intuition, all while presenting a compelling glimpse into the design, business, and marketing spheres. Across nearly 300 pages and 150 images, the book compiles stories and advice earned collaborating with top figures across food, beverage, commerce, and other industries over the past three decades. The book not only features a selection of the firm’s most captivating work, but texts that cleverly distill how creativity, instinct, passion, and conviction figure into iconic design and branding.


Written in collaboration with Gyles Lingwood, Professor of Business Creativity at the University of Lincoln, whose work has been honoured by D&AD, British Interactive Media Association, and US Creativity Awards, “I Love It. What Is It?” features contributions from twenty renowned industry figures, including Morgan Flatley, Global Chief Marketing Office and New Business Ventures, McDonald’s; Moira Cullen, Former Design Director of Coca-Cola North America; Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Campbell’s Meals & Beverages; Stefan Sagmeister, an internationally celebrated designer; and Jessica Spence, North American President of Beam Suntory.


Each essay in “I Love It. What Is It?” explores the essence of design and how to harness it through branding, packaging, and art. It reads like an insider’s guide to what can often be seen as an insular corporate world where high-level decisions about the branding and logo design, and the feel of products and packaging for the many products in our lives, are made.


The end result of the behind-the-scenes stories and thought-provoking images is perhaps best summed up in an essay by Chris Garvey, Executive Creative Director of Turner Duckworth: “This is how designers think. It’s messy, but it ends well.”


Sarah Moffat, Chief Creative Officer of Turner Duckworth, says: “As a company, we've never adhered to the conventional practice of having a business plan. There's no claim to pioneering a radically new approach, nor can we pinpoint a single genius move that propelled us to success. Our foundation is rooted in doing what feels right. To capture the essence of this powerful emotion, we reached out to 20 kindred spirits, affectionately known as Turner Duckworth friends and family, to share their experiences from various aspects of the creative industry.”


Moffat adds that the book is not your typical agency retrospective or a step-by-step design manual. Rather, this is a book for anyone who’s interested in cutting through complex mental clutter and evoking genuine emotions.


“We deliberately opted for simplicity, steering clear of a high-production coffee table book,” Moffat says. “The upturned corner is an invitation to scribble notes in the margins, while the modest size fits effortlessly on your bedside table. And that's not the end of the story; it's just the beginning. Stay tuned for the digital content that couldn't be confined to the printed pages, expanding the narrative beyond the limits of traditional media.”


Founded by David Turner and Bruce Duckworth, Turner Duckworth has earned countless honours, including the inaugural Cannes Grand Prix for Design, a D&AD Collaboration Award, induction into the Clio Hall of Fame, and even a Grammy. “I Love It. What Is It?” is a testament to these accomplishments, capturing the studio’s unwavering belief in instinct, risk-taking, and innovation.


I Love It. What Is It?: The power of instinct in design and branding
By Turner Duckworth and Gyles Lingwood
UK £29.95 | On Sale March 2024 | Phaidon Paperback


About Turner Duckworth:
Turner Duckworth, a global visual identity design agency with offices in London, New York, and San Francisco, creates unmistakable designs for the world’s greatest brands. The agency’s work is simple, playful, and inherently social. Turner Duckworth crafts distinctive assets and the systems that guide them to ensure that advertising, product, or packaging cuts through the noise and places brands top of mind across media and culture. Turner Duckworth’s designs have won over 600 awards in ten years, including the inaugural Cannes Grand Prix for Design. Learn more at


About Gyles Lingwood:

Gyles Lingwood is a Professor of Business Creativity at the University of Lincoln, UK. D&AD, the British Interactive Media Association, and the US Creativity Awards have awarded Lingwood’s creative client work.


About Phaidon:

Phaidon is the premier global publisher of the creative arts with over 1,500 titles in print. They work with the world’s most influential artists, chefs, writers, and thinkers to produce innovative books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, food and travel, and illustrated books for children. Phaidon is headquartered in London and New York City.