13 February 2017

Overview Of Digital For Designers 2017

Join UX Architect Lead, Armig Esfahani, from Pixel Fusion for this half-day Auckland workshop providing overview about current industry trends in digital.


Overview of digital for designers 2017
with Armig Esfahani

Friday 10th March
Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland


While companies are now all familiar with the traditional uses of websites and mobiles, technology is progressing fast. Artificial intelligence, big data, smart watches, virtual reality, smart homes, augmented reality etc. are big industries on their own now and are growing.


Artificial Intelligence alone is a $15 billion industry already, and estimated to be a $70 billion industry by 2020. The principles of user-centric design lay the groundwork for building future products that support these new technologies, however designers and businesses will need to adapt and learn more about the new technologies.


In this workshop we will talk about what is already being done, current stats and predictions, main challenges and key opportunities using examples that can be applied to various industries in the near future.


We will discuss the current industry climate and trends, then talk about some of topics which are predicted to be the key pillars of good UX:


  • UX metrics and post-launch strategies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality
  • Anticipatory design
  • Personalised data
  • Integration of CX & UX - Register now.