18 August 2016

Project 16

Project16 is New Zealand’s premier conference focused on the intersection of business, technology and design. On September 1st, twenty thought leaders and visionary business innovators from New Zealand and around the Pacific Rim will come together to share their knowledge & experience about how to best build New Zealand’s future businesses. OurProject16 conference theme is Creativity in Business and Beyond… Over one action-packed day, we will explore how innovative companies and entrepreneurs can reach their full potential through applying the power of creativity in their businesses.


Topics covered at Project16 will include:
* Leading by Design * Marketing in the Age of Disruption * Building Amazing Teams * Developing New Business Models and * Storytelling Your Brand


Project16 will delve into all of these topics and more. How will new technologies continue to power new business ideas as well as new market strategies? And how will business, industries and whole economies continue to shift, evolve and change? Our goal is to inspire and enlighten, as well as maximize the opportunity for networking, interactivity & communication between & among our presenters and participants.


Whatever your industry or interest, Project16 offers a rare chance to meet great minds thinking differently and to learn from their successes and their failures. Together, we can make better sense of our accelerating and always shifting economic zeitgeist and how New Zealanders can prosper in our continually evolving world. Join us again at Project16 and be part of building a more creative and prosperous 21st Century in (and from) New Zealand.


To see the impressive speaker line-up click here.