6 April 2017

Semi Permanent Sydney 2017

Sydney 2017


May 25-27 2017


Designing for Change at Semi Permanent Sydney 2017


What an incredible moment in time we live in, and what better industry than ours to be in right now.  Let’s design a future we believe in.


We have a very special global event happening here in Sydney this year.

We’ll be bringing filmmaking great Oliver Stone to the stage.

Along with hosting three more Future State sessions that get you up to speed on Immersive Storytelling, a future of collaboration with Artificial Intelligence and how we can play a role in designing our cities, neighborhoods and our travel experiences.

Rebranding the world's biggest sports media company, the Premier League along with Travel as Airbnb have done and online retail with Deliveroo may seem out-of-reach, but UK based Design Studio will show us how it took them 5 years after they opened their doors.

How to work in a global marketplace whilst creating global empathy around products and services with the Design Directors of Nike, or maybe you're on the fence about Going International or Staying Local with your talent, we have a session for you.

Get your design hands dirty with our Hyper Island workshops, or overcome any anxiety about presenting your ideas with our NIDA private classes.


We'll be announcing presenters over the coming weeks.  See you soon.


Murray Bell - Director / Founder of Semi Permanent


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