18 March 2023

The Longest Beat - Let's Beat Cancer

Our New Zealand based freelance candidate Paul Bondsfield is attempting a Guinness World Record – The Longest Beat – supporting a variety of cancer charities.


Please support where you can – these charities truly are life saving and life changing for those affected and their families.

A message from Paul...


"My name is Paul and cancer has affected my loved ones for many years. It claimed the lives of my father and uncle around 20 years ago and a girlfriend when I was in my twenties. After my wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to do something and try and raise a lot of money for cancer charities as well as some direct help for patients.

I am going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a Marathon Drumming session.

I will play my kit or kits for a total of 144 hours - or exactly six days, non-stop - from 8th April 2023.

All you have to do, is give me support, love... and your money."


To find out more info or to make a donation, check out Paul's socials below where he updates us on his journey.