12 February 2024

Top 42 Modern Fonts for Trendy Designs in 2024

Looking to build a brand that’s edgy, clean, and striking? Modern fonts might be the right choice!


With their unique features and great readability, modern fonts have taken over the logo design and branding world. We’ve searched far and wide and hand-picked 35 new and trending modern fonts in 2024.


If you’re ready to bring your brand to the cutting edge of design, then read on!


What are modern fonts?

Most people think modern fonts are today’s newest fonts. But according to typographers, they’re a font classification from the 1800s with vertical lettering, thin horizontal serifs, and contrasting strokes.


However, modern fonts in 2024 have gone well beyond the limiting features of the 1800s.


Designers take pride in bending the rules of typography by adding a contemporary flair to classic fonts. In 2024, modern fonts are usually sans serif and can have geometric, futuristic, abstract, or urban font styles.


Popular modern fonts like Bodoni, Helvetica, Avenir, and Futura all represent a different take on a modern typeface throughout the decades. They’re used (and loved) by brands all over the world and pre-installed on most computers today.


Famous brands with modern fonts

So, what brands use modern fonts? In 2023 and 2024 we’ve seen a resurgence of modern fonts in logo redesigns. Like the abstract 2023 Nokia logo redesign and the new Helvetica 2024 Herman Miller logo. Check out some prime examples of modern fonts below.

How to use modern fonts

You’ll find modern fonts are mainly used online due to their crisp shapes and legibility. They work well for creative and innovative industries like the following:


  1. Architecture
  2. Technology
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. Design
  5. Consulting


Wondering which fonts to use? If you have an online business and want to build an innovative and futuristic brand identity, choosing a modern font is the perfect foundation.


If your brand exists mainly on printed materials, modern serif fonts read well on paper and are great for font pairing and logo design.


But don’t worry; we’ll cover both options in the list below!

Best modern fonts of 2024

From modern serif fonts that follow traditional form, we’ll ease into new and trending contemporary fonts that will blow your mind in 2024.

Trendy modern fonts

Check out these trendy modern fonts rising in popularity in 2024.

1. Anona

Anona modern font example
Anona, a beautiful and versatile font, blends classic and contemporary design elements. Its subtle curves and clean lines exude sophistication and modernity, making it perfect for luxury brands, fashion labels, or high-end hospitality services seeking elegance and refinement. With its readability, it’s also great for publishing or editorial purposes.

2. Sincopa

sincopa modern font

Sincopa is a unique hand-written modern font with an artisanal appeal. The sharp, marker-like angles add a sense of rigidity, making it a perfect mix for artisanal branding, personal branding, and fun-loving designs that need an eccentric touch.

Illustration and a handmade appeal is a graphic design trend in 2024.

3. Seismic

seismic modern font

Make a seismic impact with this modern, abstract, and distinct font. It conveys movement through its unsystematic squiggles, making it perfect for modern designs that defy conventional design standards. This font is ideal for branding and titles but not body fonts.

4. Neulis Cursive

neulis modern font

A hybrid contemporary font that merges a geometric sans with a dab of cursive font. This font is creative, trendy, and embodies playfulness in design. It’s perfect for branding, logo design, and graphics that want to make a punch. It’s similar to Instagram sans!

Serif modern fonts

These modern serif fonts have the classic form, with contrasting strokes, horizontal serifs, vertical lettering, and small apertures. They’re great fonts to use for brands that are timeless, luxurious, and authoritative.

5. Charis

Charis modern font

Charis is a crisp and whispy serif modern font with a luxurious and feminine look. It’s a great font to use for skincare branding and logos for artisanal products in 2024. Designed by Sans and Sons.

6. Kinfolk

Kinfolk serif modern font

Modern fonts like Kinfolk have an authoritative and timeless look that demands attention and respect. With sharp serifs and varying stroke thickness, it’s perfectly suited for traditional branding in consulting, healthcare, or editorial projects in 2024.

7. Welland

welland modern font

Welland has all the typographic elements of a classic modern serif font but with elegant curves that make it irresistibly vintage. Designed by Wahyu Rahmawan.

8. TA Modern Times

TA modern times modern sans serif font

The black turtleneck of all modern fonts, it’s timeless, clean, and sharp. TA Modern times is a refreshing release by Tural Alisoy and is great for contemporary branding in 2024.

9. Koldby

koldby modern serif font

Contrasting strokes and long serifs make Koldby an elegant and luxurious font with a vintage-like appeal. Released by Factory738, it embodies the original features of a modern font from the 1800s.

10. Shunsine

shunsine modern font 2021

A tongue-twister with a distinct appeal, Shunsine has tiny apertures decorated by extended sharp serifs. Released by Mirdhatillah, it’s perfect for Avante-Garde branding.

11. Kiak

kiak modern serif font 2021

Kiak instantly draws attention with its eccentric look and carved-out apertures. Designed by Lucywho, it’s a bold font for unique branding.

12. Sovana

sovana modern font 2021

Designed by the Sweetest Goods Team, Sovana is a modern serif font with an elegant disposition and a classic, dependable look.

13. Signore

signore modern font

Signore is an artistic font for eccentric branding. Released by Muksalmina it’s perfect for new-age logo design projects and packaging.

14. Alberobello serif modern script font

alberobello serif modern font

Alberello is a stylish serif font with a complementary modern cursive font. Together, they’re a winning duo for chic and elegant branding. Released by Haksen studio.

15. Breadley Sans

breadley sans modern font

Breadley is a minimalistic modern font with a pristine appeal. Released by Ardyana Putra, Bradley Sans was built for versatility, it looks great on branding assets and body text.

Mid-century modern fonts

The retro and whimsical look of mid-century modern font

16. Alchaline

Alcaline mid century modern font

A divine duo with a handwritten and cursive alternative to create multiple syles. It’s a great powerhouse and the perfect mid-century font for any project. It has an exuberant aesthetic that works well with Wes Anderson-style pastels and earthy retro tones.

17. Acme Gothic

Acme Gothic midcentury modern font

Acme Gothic’s unique blend of simplicity and functionality makes it a perfect choice for a vintage yet modern look. Efficient in its use of space, Acme can add a touch of nostalgia to any design while maintaining a crisp appearance.

18. Altivo

Altivo midcentury modern font

Boasting clean lines and crisp legibility, Altivo is demanding and bold with a traditional sense of structure and rigidity. It’s a great option for titles, body text, and digital use.

19. Acre

acre mid century modern font

A self-proclaimed workhorse, Acre is a modern geometric sans serif font with 8 weights to suit anything from branding to body text. These mid-century modern fonts are designed by JonathanBall and are trending in 2023.

Geometric and sans serif modern fonts

Let’s enter the world of contemporary fonts – and what modern means in 2024. These cool fonts are great for more innovative industries that focus on solving complex modern-day problems.

20. Shoal

shoal modern font

Shoal is a minimal modern font with thin and modest curves and angles. It has tall letter shapes making it a great uppercase font and the perfect sans serif typeface for minimalist modern design in 2024.

21. Glatic

Glatic modern font

Thick and bold strokes are font trends in 2024, and Glatic has the perfect balance of a bold but classic look. With all the makings of a modern font, it’s a great font choice for logo design, branded packaging, and web design. Designed by Yukita Creative in late 2022.

22. Corsica

corsica modern font

Corsica is a luxurious 2024 modern font with tall, confident lettering and letter thickness that resembles handmade calligraphy. It’s a beautiful font that suits branding for restaurants, bars, fine dining menus, and even personal portfolios.

23. Colabero

Colabero modern font

Minimal and elegant, Colabero is a free modern font by Anton Cahyono balancing clean-cut lettering with full-bodied curves.

24. Galey

Galey modern font

Galey is a visually pleasing and versatile sans serif font with two variations – geometric and rounded edges. Released by Prestigetype Studio, it’s a polished modern sans serif!

25. Sublima

sublima modern font

Sublima is a family of modern fonts with 20 weights to work with. Released  by Punchform, it has consistent proportions for straight-to-the-point messaging in any medium.

26. Andante

andante modern font 2021

Another recent modern font release, Andante is a geometric font with a futuristic and stern look. Designed by Han Changki.

27. Attitude
attitude modern font

Nothing says modern like an otherworldly font! Attitude is perfect for launching your brand to new heights. This free modern font has 7 different styles to work with. Designed by Emil Kozole.

28. Goldplay

goldplay geometric font

Sans serifs with soft corners are trending, and Goldplay is a great fit for fresh and expressive branding with 28 different weights to choose from.

29. Aquire

aquire modern font

Acquire is a free sci-fi modern font that has a futuristic look. Designed by Sesohq, it’s made for brands looking to the future!

30. Clean Fragile

clean fragile modern font

There’s nothing clean or fragile about Clean Fragile! Made for adventurous branding, it’s got features that’ll throw you for a loop. A fresh release by Nathatype.

31. Plecnic

plecnic modern font 2021

Inspired by a Slovenian architect, Plecnic is an unforgettable font with sharp edges and demanding features. A brand new release by Typesalon, it’s a great option for architecture and design-related brands.

32. Cheorcy

cheorcy modern font 2021

Modern fonts push the boundaries of abstract and edgy. Cheorcy is a one-of-a-kind versatile font for brands that want to make an artful impression with geometric curves. Designed by Riyadh Rahman for Ergibi Studio.

33. Albula Pro

albula pro modern font

Crisp and immaculate, Albula Pro is made for legibility in any format. It has a friendly and charismatic appeal that’s perfect for minimalistic branding. Designed and released by Silvio Meier for Serpentype.

34. Madley

Madley modern font 2021

Soft and sweet, Madley pulls you in with its elegant teardrop serifs and thin shape. It’s versatile and has 12 different weights. Madley was designed by Kimmy Design.

35. Gravitica

gravitica sans modern font

A modern sans serif typeface with geometric influences is trending! Gravitica is a contemporary release by Ckhans Fonts with a flawless look and multilingual capabilities.

36. Rothek

rothek modern font

Modern fonts focus on legibility, and Rothek is a razor-sharp font for reading text at any length in any format. Designed by Eugene Tantsurin for Groteskly Yours studio.

37. Aceh

aceh modern font

Balancing sharp edges and soft curves, Aceh is another geometric sans serif typeface for modern branding. Designed by Muhammad Ridha Agusni for 38-lineart, it’s a versatile font and has a full scope of font weights to choose from.

38. Urbine

urbine modern font

A rounded geometric sans, Urbine is – evidently – an urban-inspired font with rounded edges. Designed by Ckhans Fonts, this font has a friendly and personable feel.

39. SK Zweig

zweig modern font

Zweig has a balance of rounded and sharp elements that create a unique style. Both stark and soft, it’s great for branding and headings. Designed by Salih Kizilkaya.

40. Bartkey

bartkey modern font 2021

You thought we’d leave you without another futuristic font? Bartkey has an alternative appeal with a dystopian feel. Released by Zamjump, it’s great for mind-bending branding.

41. DX Rigraf

DX rigraf modern font

Rigraf is an abstract font with shapes woven into its lettering. Bold and exciting, it’s made for experimental brands. Designed by Hendra Maulia for Dirtyline Studio.

42. The Sans 

the sans modern font 2021

Fresh like a new white tee, The Sans is a great fit for almost any modern brand. Simple and endearing, it’s a classic take on a sans serif font. Designed by LucasFonts.

Takeaways for modern fonts in 2024

Top modern fonts 2023

Modern fonts are the perfect way to add an edge to your logo and create a brand identity that shows an innovative and modern personality. Here are some key takeaways:


  • Use modern fonts for creative or innovative industries like architecture, cryptocurrency, technology, etc.
  • Modern typefaces in 2024 are usually sans serif with geometric, abstract, futuristic, or urban styles.
  • Serif fonts are better for printed materials because their shape physically guides the eye.
  • Sans serif fonts work well for industries that mainly exist online since their shape isn’t as appealing on paper.


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