28 July 2016

User Interface Design: Designing for screens / Auckland

By popular demand we are introducing a new course that focuses on designing for screens, from application user interfaces to web design. This course could be taken as a compliment to one of our user centered design courses courses or as a stand alone course for designers, developers and product managers who want to learn more about making design decisions for screens.


NOTE: This is a design course, not a coding course although it does include a summary of the most common technologies used to implement web and UI design.


It covers:


  • Graphic design for screens including layout, type management, colour and image handling.
  • Making layout and design decisions for  responsive layouts and various screen sizes
  • An introduction to how design is implemented on the web and native apps
  • Basic IA, usability and user centered design processes for UI design
  • Selecting UI controls and common UI design problems
  • An introduction to UI libraries
  • An introduction to design software for UI design
  • Modern UI design conventions and emerging trends
  • Solving common UI design problems
  • Best practice for documenting and managing screen design
  • User behaviour and decision making for screen based designs and interfaces

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for:


  • People with little or no previous experience of screen design
  • Graphic designers and service designers who want to learn more about user interface and web design
  • Product owners and managers who want to be able to better communicate with their UX and UI designers

If you are unsure if this course is right for you please contact us, we are happy to talk over the course with you in more detail.


  • No previous UX, UI, or design experience is necessary.
  • You will need a laptop with your graphic design or layout programme of choice although if you don’t have access to a laptop or to graphic design software let us know and we can arrange to provide some for you.


We will provide all other materials.


How does this differ from our ‘UX Crash Course’ and ‘Intro to UX’ courses?

Although our ‘UX Crash Course’ and ‘Intro to UX’ course do include a section of designing for screens their primary focus is on teaching an evidence based user centered design process. They teach a design process that includes research, design and testing.


Just as our ‘User Research’ and ‘User Testing and Prototyping’ courses go deeper into the research and testing aspects of this process, the ‘User Interface Design: Designing for screens’ course is focused primarily on the design phase and goes deeper into the mechanics of making detailed user interface decisions.


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