17 May 2015

Win A Ticket To Semi-Permanent 2015


Simon Velvin has very successful ran the New Zealand Semi Permanent for 12 years – and this year he has put together a stellar line up of speakers.  Make sure you put Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th July in the diary!

The Creative Store are super stoked to be one of the sponsors this year – keep your eye out for our future newsletters –  where we will have ticket discount offers, giveaway’s and how you can win a trip to New York and work at Pentagram for a week!


We asked Simon a few questions…

Q.  What made you decide to bring Semi Permanent to New Zealand?

SP was launched in Sydney 2003, Auckland 2004. At that time the NZ landscape was pretty vacant. There was no outlet or forum for these types of symposiums and experiences.


Q.  It has grown into one of the must go to inspirational events in New Zealand – how do you keep it fresh each year?

There is a formula that works. It’s embedded in great content, good entertainment and creating a valuable experience for the audience. We listen, we learn, we develop, we deliver.


Q.  This year you have changed venue – why and where to?

Yes we are off to Victory Convention Centre in Freemans Bay. It’s a stunning venue that seats 2400 people right in the heart of Auckland city. Who knew!

Reason: Auckland Conventions were becoming difficult to deal with. Just too many constraints Victory team are amazing and are open to new ideas which is better suited to us.


Q.  How would you describe Semi-Permanent in a sentence?

I can describe it in two words if you like. “Relevant Conversations”.


Q.  Is it an event just for Creatives?

Traditionally it was yes. That said we’ve had surgeons, comedians, business owners and clients all attend and get a lot out of the experience. Over the next 3 years we will be widening the themes to include a much more diverse audience.


Q.  What would be your highlight to date?

I can name a couple. Google Hang Out session with Roman Coppola. We are Currently curating a 7000 sqm exhibition with Radio Head Artist Stanley Donwood.


Q.  Any near misses?

David Carson - He turned up on the day with projector slides: )


Q.  If you could invite someone back again – who would that be and why?

Banksy…. He doesn’t answer our emails anymore though.


Q.  Do you have an elusive someone you would love to speak at Semi-Permanent?

Michel Gondry.


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