5 April 2017

Women in Marketing and Communications

Women in Marketing and Communications Leadership Summit 2017

2017 Theme: ‘Defining Moments’

Summit 18 & 19 April 2017 Post-Summit Workshop 20 & 21 April 2017 Crowne Plaza Auckland


Unlocking your leadership potential and discovering strategies for career advancement in a constantly evolving environment.


Brand can be the big enabler for an organisation, and the power of marketing leadership can take a business to the next level. Marketing and communications is a constantly evolving field, at the front line leaders need to be able to engage high-performing teams and drive innovation and integration across businesses, whilst maintaining their relevance in the face of evolution and disruption.


Aspiring and emerging marketing and communications leaders need to reach beyond refining a robust technical skill set, and focus on unlocking their authentic leadership voice, refining communication styles, and embracing new thinking and opportunities.


Liquid Learning is delighted to present the first Women in Marketing and Communications Leadership Summit 2017, bringing together aspiring, emerging, and existing leaders in the marketing and communication space across New Zealand.


Through inspirational case studies, personal stories, engaging expert commentaries, and interactive panel discussions, attendees will walk away with practical strategies and techniques for career advancement. This premiere professional development platform will allow for outstanding networking and learning opportunities.




Julia Jack - Chief Marketing Officer



Genevieve Tearle - Executive Vice President, Marketing

Fisher & Paykel Appliances


Frazer Scott - Chief Marketing and Operations Officer



Sarah Finnie - General Manager, Marketing



Liza McNally - Chief Marketing Officer



Greg Forsythe - National Manager, Marketing

Immigration New Zealand

(Former Director, Relay Communications Former Group Account Director, M&C Saatchi)


Megan Wiltshire - Head of Internal Communication

Bank of New Zealand


Jodie Burnard - General Manager Marketing

Flight Centre (NZ) Ltd


Jo Mitchell - Director of Marketing



Clive Ormerod - General Manager Customer and Marketing



David Kidd - Head of Marketing

Bank of New Zealand


Jenny Hadden - Global Head of Marketing Analytics



Rachel Froggratt - Commercial and Marketing Director

Paralympics New Zealand


Shelley Gane - Marketing Director

Auckland University of Technology


Emily Blumenthal - Head of Customer Marketing and Insights

Foodstuffs NZ


Delina Shields - Head of Segment Marketing



Jo McCauley - Head of Sales and Marketing

The Warehouse Group Financial Services


Jon Huxley - General Manager, Business Development

Beca Group Limited


Becki Rowe - General Manager Marketing and E-Commerce

Warehouse Stationery Ltd


Asuka Burge - National Manager, Marketing and Communications

New Zealand Blood Service


Sheil Priest - Team Leader, Standards Access/ Strategic Transformation Programme Manager Standards New Zealand

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


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