23 June 2017

10 Top Food Blogs With Elegant Designs

...That Leave Us Hungry For More

What are the best food blogs?


Food blogs serve many purposes, from showcasing a photographer’s skills to presenting a cook’s popular recipe. Food blogs often include DIY information, photos for artistic and practical benefit, and miscellaneous information pertaining to food (i.e. food replacements, allergy information, recipe origins, etc.) The best food blogs typically include high-quality images, writing, and layouts. Today I’m sharing my picks for the best and most beautiful food blogs—blogs that leave readers drooling over their whisks.

Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen uses an ultra-minimal design while sharing detailed, super-macro photos that allows readers to revel in the beautiful details of kitchen action.




Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is one of my top drool-worthy blogs. Food bloggers Lindsay and Bjork keep a clean and classy site design, letting their beautiful foodie photos take the center stage (while inspiring much stomach-growling).




Not only is Pinch of Yum packed with gorgeous shots, but the blog also provides tips and resources to help readers produce their own high-quality food photos.


Local Milk

Local Milk includes lovely, stylized hand-written fonts alongside jaw-dropping food photos, adding a personalized and intimate feel to this food blog.


Local Milk’s photos look like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine, with images that speak as much about the experience of cooking and sharing food as they do about the physical cooking process.


Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes lacks the design flair of the other food blogs, but it is commendable in making even cooking on a budget look cool.


Beth makes even clearance cuisine look delicious, proving that you don’t need high-end ingredients to make a tasty and beautiful looking meal.


Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven has a much brighter design than other food blogs.



While many other food blogs use counters, tables, and surrounding kitchen settings to add context to their photos, Gimme Some Oven uses stark white backgrounds in nearly all of its photos, giving it a clean, crisp look and a unique style.


Willow Bird Baking

What sets Willow Bird Baking apart is the site’s lovely attention to color. Every image draws attention to the baked treats through use of colorful juxtaposed placemats and settings.


A slice of coconut cheesecake doesn’t sit alone – instead it’s surrounded by robin egg blue dishware and a fresh glass of orange juice, bringing a splash of refreshing color and a nice clue to context (in this case, breakfast!)



La Buena Vida

At first glance, La Buena Vida is a stark and simple blog. The heading lacks any kind of flair or personality, only displaying the blog’s title in the simplest of fonts.


However, begin strolling through posts and you’ll see the true wonder of La Buena Vida. The blog pays homage to food, but goes much broader than that, often spending more time examining the food’s location and geographical significance than the physical meal itself.



Not Without Salt

Not Without Salt is another beautiful food blog, this one boasting an especially stylish design, with bright photos from featured recipes showcased on the homepage.

In this blog, Ashley provides creative recipes along with beautiful snapshots that get up close and personal with ingredients.



Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is a “food and design community” with a simple, clean design offering impressions of food, communal cooking, and group meals.


The site uses crisp, sometimes fairly stark photos to show the studio space and dinning setup, in addition to the physical food and cooking process.


The Trail of Crumbs

The Trail of Crumbs is a lovely “gastro travelogue,” featuring culinary encounters around the world.


The blog has a very organic feel, showing restaurant meals and packed pastry display cases alongside European architecture. Adrian and Danielle do a great job providing a complete impression of their travels, from landscape and locals to food and fauna.


Desserts for Breakfast

Desserts for Breakfast specializes in those tasty treats that we somehow get away with eating in the AM hours.


Stephanie’s food blog features eye-catching close-ups of her creations. Desserts for Breakfast also experiments with lovely gif images, which I found especially entrancing.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Spoon Fork Bacon is another captivating food blog with beautiful hunger-inducing images that will have you running for the nearest kitchen.


Spirited Alchemy

Spirited Alchemy isn’t technically a food blog – it’s an alcohol blog, but there’s no way we can deny it a spot on this list.



Spirited Alchemy features a style all its own, with huge close-up photos of delicious cocktails, aperitifs, and more. The stylized photos also feature beginning recipe text, which you can then click to read the entire post. Cheers to that!



Joy the Baker

Joy’s tasty baker blog features delicious foodie photos along with images that provide a snapshot into her every day life living in New Orleans (and it sure does look fun!).




She also adds a nice touch incorporating watercolor elements into her site design, from her colorful header to custom “pin it” overlay buttons.


That concludes our list of drool-worthy food blogs.