4 May 2017

Aussie Inventors Designing the Future

Aussie Inventors Designing and Building the Future


A lighting system that can reduce anxiety in hospitals, a moveable home for the homeless, a particle that can allow paint to heat a room, a shock absorbing plumbing pipe and tiny LEDs that power transparent HD screens are all winners of the 2017 DesignBUILD Incubator.


DesignBUILD is Australia’s largest gathering of architects, designers and building professionals and, together with Architecture Review, the show offers space to five emerging businesses to promote their cutting edge products.


“Incubator is one of the most popular parts of DeisgnBUILD,” said event Director Jamie Butler-Underwood. “We were thrilled to receive so many entries for 2017 and it was very difficult to select the final five,” he said.



LUMES is an interactive material of the future building sensorial experiences directly into the environment. LUMES affects mood and emotion, and the company’s latest Hospital projects aim to reduce anxiety for children. LUMES uses our powerful in-built software, which programmes light to respond to human motion and interaction



There are many homeless organisations offering services but only the HOME^3 provides the homeless with what they need—a Home of their own.  In addition, the homeless can build their own home, thus empowering them greatly. Because the HOME^3 can be easily constructed and deconstructed, it can be readily moved to wherever the owner desires.  This functionality is particularly desirable for indigenous communities, which are generally more mobile.


Intelli Particle

INTELLI PARTICLE is a special formulation of industrial carbon and graphite particles (exothermic coating) that create heat when provided with a low charge. INTELLI PARTICLE has successfully been incorporated into paint, polymers, resins, concrete, fabric, and glass to quickly produce heat. It is a world patented Australian invention.


LED Transparent Screens by AuroLED Australia

AuroLed has developed and manufactured the smallest high light emitters in the market to manufacture the first transparent LED screen. The LED screens can have customisable shapes, and sizes, eg, cubes, cylinder, barrel shape, canopy, skylight etc integrating decoration and practicality together to create a fashion, high end brand image for shopping centres, hotels, large conference centres.


Flexitec by Plastec

Think of it as the ultimate shock absorber for your drain. Regular PVC plumbing systems are extremely rigid and in poor or unstable soil sites are susceptible to movement often resulting in broken pipe work leading to expensive repair costs. Flexitec’s simplicity in look disguises the capabilities of a joint that can both deflect, twist, torque, expand and contract.


Don’t miss this exciting showcase and experience these innovations first hand. DesignBUILD opens on Wednesday 3rd May and is free for all industry professionals. Simply register here online and be the first to witness these brand new aussie inventions.