27 February 2019

Design in 2019 – What Will Graphic Design Look Like?

As part of our series on design in 2019, Miraphora Mina, co-founder at design studio MinaLima, looks at what will happen in graphic design over the next 12 months.



What do you think 2019 will hold for graphic design?


Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of immersive and experiential design. One increasing facet of this is interactivity: people want to not only experience the final design but be involved in its making in some way. In 2019, I think this will extend even more into the physical world; for example new books will not only be designed in paper form, with people appreciating a tactile object, but will perhaps be linked up with computer programs and virtual reality (VR). Further exploring the linking of the two will transform the way we create and experience stories.


What was your favourite graphic design project in 2018 and why?

Graphic Design 2019 1

Photo courtesy of Fox

When I watch films, I inevitably notice the little details: the packaging, the posters, the signage. One of the highlights for me in 2018 was the tremendous output by Erica Gorman and her team for the Wes Anderson-directed film, Isle of Dogs. I know she spent two years creating thousands of props in multiple sizes for the film, from typographic Japanese store signs and packaging for food products to newspapers and propaganda posters. Having visited Japan for the first time last year, I found her ode to the visual culture of Japan perfect and yet also able to shine with the charm of such a fictional narrative.


Graphic Design 2019 2

Photo courtesy of Fox