17 July 2017

‘Design Wiki’ Site Teaches You All You Need To Know

‘Design Wiki’ Site Teaches You All You Need To Know About Colors, Combinations


What if, for an upcoming project, your client wanted you to invoke the sense of calmness and purity that white emanates, and yet requested that you made it “look warmer?” Relax—there is a specific color that meets these demands: it’s called ‘Ivory’.


Design resource site Canva has launched a ‘Design Wiki - Colors’ library that teaches you everything you need to know about individual shades, their meanings, and the colors they best mesh with.


‘Burnt Orange’, for example, was officially named in 1915 and evokes “visions of flames.” While it looks warm, some people might associate the color with negative emotions. In addition to that, PANTONE’s version adds a little blue to the mix.


Scroll down for some examples and check out the neat tool over at Canva.


By Mikelle Leow