7 May 2020

Photoshop Gets ‘Copy & Paste’ Feature From IRL To Canvas In Artist’s AR Tool

Image via Shutterstock



Artist and programmer Cyril Diagne has demonstrated a way to “copy and paste” items from the real world into Photoshop.


According to a video shared on Twitter, Diagne used augmented reality and machine-learning tech to copy visuals and paste them into digital documents. This tool will make designers’ job so much easier, as all they need to do is to point their phone camera at an object to integrate it into their laptop. They do not need to take a photo, edit it or insert the cutout into a document.


Diagne explained that his demonstration has a few moving parts. The first shows how the object on the foreground is separated from the background with the use of machine learning. The second component detects where your phone is pointing at on the laptop.


The artist explained that the whole process takes 6.5 seconds to complete—2.5 seconds to copy the item and four seconds to paste it on Photoshop.


He has shared the code on GitHub for those keen to check it out. The tool is currently only a research prototype, but has managed to blow away the team behind the Adobe Photoshop account.


Source: Design Taxi