8 August 2018

Social media planning for artists

Social media has become an automatic part of modern day life, so it makes sense that most of today's marketing efforts are digital. Social media networks are the perfect place to build your brand personality, engage with potential customers and reach the people who you know are interested in your brand.



When you’re working for yourself, marketing is often the last thing you want to spend time or money on. So, how can artists utilise social networks to share their work and attract attention? This article covers the basics of a social media strategy and talks about one of the best tips for maximising your online presence.


Having a plan is crucial, and removes tons of the guesswork in choosing the kind of content you’re going to share.


So, where do I start?


There’s no point being on social media if you don’t have a plan. It’s a bit like laying the base colours for your artwork or creating a mould for a sculpture. Posting sporadically and without purpose won’t provide value for your audience - what will they gain from you posting once a month? Invest some time into establishing a plan that will benefit you in the long run. The key steps of a solid social media strategy are:


  • Set some goals
  • Figure out your audience
  • Nail your brand voice
  • Choose your platforms
  • Track your efforts
  • Rinse and repeat


Spend time building out these components, and you’ll be on the right track. Having a plan is crucial, and putting these steps in place removes tons of the guesswork in choosing the kind of content you’re going to share. It also provides a way of assessing what you’re doing, and how to continually improve it. By measuring your results you’ll have a clearer idea about the progress you’re making rather than taking a stab in the dark. A good social media plan can ultimately increase your exposure, get your work in front of the right people, support sales and create opportunities.


The next time you go to an art event, take a look around. Who’s in the room? Who’s not in the room?


So what can I do right now?


Put yourself out there. People connect with brands because they resonate with them, especially when a brand humanises itself with showcasing the people behind it. As artists, we’re taught to talk about our art regularly; to defend it, to challenge it and to critique it. Use your social media as a platform to practice. Shout out your successes, talk about your struggles and let your audience engage and inspire you.


The most important thing is not to be afraid to be you - it's how audiences connect with businesses. Chloe Swarbrick is a prime example. She’s young, fresh and exciting and she utilises the networks available to her to be completely transparent. She shows up, she lets her followers in on the inner workings of the Green party, and she has a refreshing honesty that people respond to.


Another creative killing it online is Flox. She makes a point of including social media in her strategy because it’s a direct line to her customers. She asks them questions, she includes them in her process, and most importantly she lets her personality and passion shine through. Her complete immersion in this world has seen her business take off and opportunities open up to her that may not have been available offline.


My point is, you have a plethora of avenues available to you that are FREE, which can benefit your business and aid your evolution as an artist - why not take hold of this? Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are perfect for artists as they are highly visual. If you’re a writer - Twitter is the ideal network to express your opinion. Whatever place you decide to share your work make sure you’re present and that you post with purpose.


The next time you go to an art event, take a look around. Who’s in the room? Who’s not in the room? What type of content would this crowd love most? What can you share with them that will prompt them to engage? What can you get from them in return? Early-bird access to artwork? VIP events for email subscribers? Online Q&A sessions? Create your content with your audience in mind, and you’ll start to see them engage.


Establish a clear strategy with the end purpose of achieving your business goals and work on being present online. You’ll soon figure out how to showcase your brand and build an engaged community in the process. If you’re still wondering where to go from here, or if you want help expanding your strategy, then check out Altitude Media’s social media strategy course.


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