17 August 2017

The New Range Of Designer Water Bottles

They're super compact and slimline enough to be stashed into even the most petite of purses, but memobottle's reusable, flat water bottles have achieved some very big things with their latest Kickstarter campaign, achieving full funding in a record-busting nine hours.


The Aussie company first launched back in 2014 in an effort to help kick single-use plastic bottles to the curb, with co-founders Jonathan Byrt and Jesse Leeworthy taking to the crowdfunding platform to introduce and fund their two original, easy-to-carry, rectangular designs.


Three years on, the pair have now unveiled their long-awaited second range, memobottle H2.0, completely blitzing their Kickstarter campaign in the process. The latest of these minimal designs include The Slim, which holds 450mL, and the extra petite A7, which can carry 180mL while taking up even less bag space than your phone. Admittedly, the bottles don't hold a heap of water, but they will get you through meetings or the journey from home to work.


For anyone who's big on accessorising, there's also a range of interchangeable lids in copper and matte black, as well as copper desk stands and fitted leather bottle sleeves crafted by Aussie label Kinnon.


The Kickstarter campaign for memobottle H2.0 is live until September 24, with one percent of all pledges donated to Jump on board to reduce your use of plastic, add to your minimalist aesthetic and help memobottle reach its goal of halving single-use bottle consumption by the year 2020.


memobottle H2.0 is now being funded on Kickstarter. You can find more info and back the project here