7 September 2017

Why It’s A Great Time To Be A Graphic Designer

It can be tough being a graphic designer—especially with AI becoming frighteningly capable of developing design tastes. It also doesn’t help that people still believe in paying with exposure. However, in spite of these trends and new technologies, it’s still a great time to be a graphic designer.


In an article on Creative Boom, Anthony Wood—the Managing Director of design school Shillington—has written 10 enlightening reasons why the graphic design industry is likely to flourish over the coming years.


Check out five reasons below and read the full post on Creative Boom for five more.


1. You have skills the bots might never be able to replicate.


People are increasingly plagued by the growing capabilities of AI. In fact, studies have suggested that machine learning will replace half of the world’s jobs over the next decade.


However, recent research has shown that AI will likely have little impact on creative jobs. Although companies are appreciative of AI’s productivity and efficiency, many believe that there is nothing that can replace human creativity. If anything, bots will only be here to aid—not hurt—your work.


2. Design and branding matters more than ever.


Following millennials are Generation Z—those born in the years 1995 through 2002. English academic Noreena Hertz labels them ‘Generation K’—a term inspired by ‘Katniss Aberdeen’ from The Hunger Games. “Like ‘Katniss’, they feel the world they inhabit is one of perpetual struggle – dystopian, unequal and harsh,” she explains.


‘Generation K’ are highly creative, but they grew up in a world of economical turmoil and job insecurity. Over the years, they’ve become distrusting of brands or traditional businesses—hence the importance of design and branding.


Since this generation appreciates creativity, having a good eye for visual design can help win over this tough crowd.


3. It’s simpler than ever before to design for yourself.


Things have certainly become incredibly accessible these days. You can find design inspiration all over the internet and get critique from people at the other side of the world. You can even easily set up your own greeting card business on the side.


Once you’ve got knowledge of layouts, grids, and lines down pat, you can use these skills across the board—such as in UI.


4. You’ll be able to survive changes in your career path.


The days of keeping a “job for life” are long gone. Thankfully, graphic designers have skills that can be applied to multiple career paths. “One minute you could be working at a design studio, the next—you’re working in-house for a large brand,” Wood says.


The key difference between a job and a career? A job feels like you’re forced to complete tasks, whereas a career magnetically pulls you forward.


Graphic design is a career that can help you overcome these dark times. It “gives us the daily opportunity to embrace our surroundings, think creatively and absorb the most beautiful things life has to offer.” Creativity hardly ever feels like work.


By Mikelle Leow