20 July 2023

Marketing Manager

A highly experienced 'powerhouse' of Marketing - bringing over 20 years of experience. Background in both agency and client side - so comfortable and knowledgeable from both sides.

Skills and experience in marketing are vast - with some key areas including:

  • Retail Marketing including merchandising, store/ POS etc
  • Loyalty marketing, CRM and Direct marketing
  • Digital: Strategy, paid and organic, website builds SEO/ SEM/ Meta and Social
  • Brand, marketing and go-to market Strategy - high level down to minutia
  • Content strategy & Production: Produce shoots (content and social) TVC ad production (most recently for Newcastle Knights)

This candidate really does bring an impressive breadth of experience across channels and industries - and because of this, is most known for an ability to very quickly make big and lasting impacts.

Working style is focused and driven, strong with good leadership, strategic and yet hands on. Excellent candidate who has a clear track record.

Now looking for freelance and contract work, as well as a great full time role in a brand at the CMO level.


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