2 December 2020

Creative Talk with Lara Seaton, start-up owner of Crafty Little Kits

Creative Talk with Lara Seaton, start-up owner of Crafty Little Kits


Lara Seaton is a Business Director by day and a start-up owner of Crafty Little Kits in every other hour life permits. Lara started Crafty Little Kits with her sister, they both share a passion for creativity, a love of fun with children and wanted to create a sustainable option for kids to enjoy play based learning.


Lara, how did Crafty Little Kits come to life?


During lockdown, my sister and I started doing craft classes via zoom with our nieces. Each week, we would spend hours researching activities and whilst there are lots of ideas, they rely on you having all the materials to hand. We also found it hard to source sustainable options. So Crafty Little Kits was born, delivering convenient, sustainable craft kits direct to your door for the family to enjoy. With the added bonus that you can build your very own kit. Everything is designed and made in New Zealand.


Why was the “Build Your Kit” function important to you?


To give you a choice. Everyone has different tastes and budgets. The build a kit function on our site allows you to build based on price tiers, choosing which activities most suit. With 3 activities per kit, the goal is to keep kids entertained (whether for one+, a sleepover or party etc.) and hopefully offer what you believe is value for money.


What has been the biggest challenge in getting a product start-up, up and running?


Our main priority from the beginning was ensuring that all components of our products were sustainable, which not only meant the activities but the packaging too. It took many rounds of testing & material prototypes to get there and we are proud to say that we managed it. All of the materials used are 100% sustainable.


Was Covid a driving factor behind this product? Did it change the direction of the product?


Absolutely. COVID-19 lockdown led to us to start craft classes with our nieces and from there, the development of our business idea. We realised how many parents were trying to juggle work and family life in their household bubbles. It led us to think how can parents do this on a weekly basis yet alone during the school holidays where they have endless days to entertain? It made us think about convenience and to also care about the future for all children.


Tell us about one of your favourite craft activities?

Buzzing Around, whereby kids can build their own beehive and learn about facts on bees & how important they are for the planet. Although, Baxter’s doggy daycare inspired by my own boxer dog is certainly an overall favourite – children can build the doggy daycare, slot together the dogs and have fun!


Where to from here?


We have many ideas in the works, but the main goal is to continually innovate to inspire and educate kids with our activities. Ensuring they are always sustainable.