11 December 2019

Creative Talk with The Creative Nursery

The Creative Nursery are a busy Sydney based agency, who are purposely lean, creatively driven and outcome focused.  We talk with Madeline Miller on how they are creating impactful campaigns for their clients.


Tell us about The Creative Nursery – how did you evolve?

We were reborn The Creative Nursery in early 2019. Prior to this, we got around town by the name of Innuendo Advertising. Our values haven’t changed, but our focus is now all grown up. The Creative Nursery is purposely lean, creatively driven and outcome-focused. We have expanded our offering across a 12 year period, where we have worked with numerous retail centers and brands from idea to execution.


Are The Creative Nursery a creative, digital or advertising agency – how do you define yourself?

We are all of the above, we do everything from design, events and PR, digital marketing, web design and print advertising. We position ourselves as the external marketing team to each of our clients.


Your agency excels at creating a creative difference for your clients – how do you do this?

We have more than a combined 40 years of experience within our Sydney and Gold Coast teams.  We go the extra mile to work as a collective to create unique and stand out campaigns. We know the retail industry and create work that specifically targets shopper demographics.


Working in a busy, dynamic agency – how does your day pan out?

We are a small business and so there is a lot going on! Coffee, lollies and laughs generally get us through. We start each day with a scrum style team meeting where we go through the traffic for the day, our goals and any blocks.


What are the main technologies you work with?  Best project management tool kit?

First and foremost, a great team! From there we love to use Asana for our project management, as it allows you to schedule and manage work easily. We also communicate using Slack which is a great tool for communication between teammates who work remotely and share files. We also utilise Google Drive and of course Gmail.


How do you see the future of the creative agency shaping up?

We have grown exponentially over the last year, recruiting four new staff and moving offices twice. We are seeing a lot of positive movement in the advertising industry in terms of the expansion of offering and as a creative agency we are growing along with what is required in the space.


How would you describe the culture at The Creative Nursery?

We are a small business, so in turn, we all work hard and across a vast array of tasks every day. We get s̶h̶i̶t̶ done but have down to earth and humorous culture which nurtures us to create the best work for our clients.


What do you think creates a happy workplace?

As I said up above, coffee, lollies and laughter! In all seriousness, management really strives to create a culture that is happy and supportive. We do regular brainstorms which include all team members, even if they aren't part of that particular campaign.


Best day of the week?  Why?

WEDNESDAY! It's not Monday and Friday is close, you can almost feel it.