18 February 2024

EVENT – Future State 03: Ahead Of The Curve

Future State is a series of high-impact business briefings led by innovators at world-changing companies.


As technology continues to reshape our world at an accelerated pace, traditional paradigms are rapidly evolving, giving way to new ways of living and working. Businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand now have the opportunity to embrace digital transformation and unlock their potential for productivity and sustainability. Future State 03: Ahead Of The Curve will explore the impacts of these bold new systems, tools and methodologies on businesses. It will also delve into how organisations can not only adapt to seize new opportunities, but also ensure their continual success and resilience at a time where environmental impact is as much an imperative as growth. Join us on May 2 at Spark Arena in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland where speakers from Accenture, Slack, IKEA and New York University will share their insights. Future State is a powerful reminder to embrace the digital transformation of business, technology and creativity as a means of propelling us towards a more sustainable future for our planet.


Guest Speakers:

  1. Håkan Nordkvist, Former Head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA
  2. Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business
  3. Sara Smeath, Co-Founder and CEO of CiRCLR
  4. Jayden Klinac, Founder and CEO, ANEW
  5. Rachel Brown, Founder and CEO, Sustainable Business Network
  6. Damon Gameau, Actor/Producer/Director and Founder of The Regenerators
  7. Ethan Eismann, SVP of Design at Slack
  8. Noelle Russell, AI Global Solutions Lead at Accenture


Explore the driving forces behind the next era of technological innovation, unpacking the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence, circular design systems, future of work technology and regenerative design.


The event will offer more than just actionable insights into new technologies through the application of a humanistic lens to the subject matter to better understand how it applies to, and respects, people and the planet.


Additional topics will include low-impact and climate-positive technology, next-generation psychology, and building mental and creative resilience.


Future State is taking place on 02 May 2024 at Spark Arena in Auckland.


For more information, including the event schedule, please visit Future State. To purchase tickets, please click here.