4 August 2022

GIVEAWAY! Murder Mystery At Elizabeth Bay House

Elizabeth Bay House has now opened its doors to Murder Mystery. Can you solve the murder of Sir Sydney Macleay?


Dive into Murder Mystery at Elizabeth Bay House where you can play as many times as you like and not be any closer to the truth when the game begins.

Murder Mystery at Elizabeth Bay House is the unreal tale based on the real history of the city of Sydney and Elizabeth Bay House, where guests dive into the story to not only solve the murder of Sir Sydney but also to rightfully claim the inheritance.


Once upon a time, there was no house more spectacular on the island than Elizabeth Bay House. From its gleaming Sydney Harbour views to its sweeping staircase, exquisite rooms and lavish furnishings, it was a symbol of wealth and ambition. Today, it is home to an interactive Murder Mystery where guests get to search for clues, interrogate witnesses and play games to uncover the truth. But the truth is that this mystery is ever-evolving and that guests can play over and over again because every weekend there is a new culprit.


Those that have played Murder Mystery at Elizabeth Bay House have “really enjoyed the characters & the theatrics”, thought the “actors did an amazing job” and felt like they were “teleported into a Cluedo game.” One guest would like you to know to remember “to ask for a polaroid photo you can take home with you.”

The Murder Mystery Plot

The year is 1895, the setting is the gorgeous Elizabeth Bay House and the man found dead was eccentric philanthropist, patron and politician Sir Sydney Macleay. He leaves behind no children or spouse to inherit the sprawling 54-acre property and the wealth that it contains, and there are plenty of people lining up to cash in on his death.


Rumours have spread as to the suspicious death but the police acted quickly and cuffed the butler, who was found covered in blood and seen pulling the knife out of the body of the deceased. His cries of innocence have fallen on deaf ears.


You and your guild along with all the other invested parties—politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and paranormal investigators—have been invited to the reading of the will at Elizabeth Bay House. But as the afternoon unfolds, it becomes clear that something is amiss. It couldn’t have been the butler, someone exclaims. Jeeves took care of Sydney as if he were his own son. 


Immediately after the reading of the will, your guild leader ushers you into a room down the hall to give you a secret briefing on what they know: the story behind the untimely death of Sir Sydney Macleay as well as the means, the motives and the opportunities the other interested parties had in his passing away. Find out the truth, they say, and we will be calling Elizabeth Bay House our headquarters. Don’t and we stand to lose everything!

Game Details

Over the course of 90 minutes, you and your team will search Elizabeth Bay House—from the elliptical saloon and grand hall to the magnificent dining room and cellar—for clues.


With your guild you will also play various games—card games, trivia, photo challenges and parapsychology tests to name just some—for inheritance money, which you will then be able to use to bribe the actors for more clues that lead you closer to the truth. Don’t forget to mingle with the other guilds to find out what they know and what they’re hiding.


Can you put two and two together or will the true assassins of Sir Sydney Macleay get to claim Elizabeth Bay House and all the inheritance as their own?

With each enactment and performance of Murder Mystery, a new conspirator will be revealed to have committed the crime so you can play as many times as you like and not be any closer to the truth when the game begins.


We have 2x tickets to giveaway to the 'Murder Mystery At Elizabeth Bay House' session on Saturday 27th August from 8:30-10pm at 7 Onslow Ave, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011.

Age requirement: 18+ with valid ID

Click here to enter and let us know if you would like 1x or 2x tickets.

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