4 August 2022

GIVEAWAY! Win 1x spot at 'Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces' Workshop

Fancy getting creative and turning something broken into something beautiful?


Do you have damaged pieces of art made with wood, metal or ceramics?


Now is a great time to pick up the pieces and mend them back together. The art of Kintsugi allows this to take place and celebrates the mend in the most beautiful and obvious way!


We have 1x spot to giveaway to the 'Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces' - a workshop taking place in Ponsonby, Auckland starting Thursday 25th August 2022.


Embrace the markings of broken objects and transform them with lacquer and varnish decorated with gold and silver leaf.

Lacquer is one of the oldest natural materials used in East Asian countries to repair damaged objects. Amend and adorn your fractured pieces and realise their newly restored glory.


Kintsugi loosely translates to ‘golden joinery’ and is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken objects either wood, metal, or ceramic. The techniques of Kintsugi treats the repair as part of the object’s history, instead of hiding the repair as if it never happened. The ‘flaw’ reveals the history, and the resulting piece is considered more beautiful. You will learn how to piece your broken ceramic object back together with beauty under the watchful eye and help of tutor Han Nae Kim.


We have 1x spots to giveaway to a 'Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces' class at Studio One (Ponsonby) on Thursday 25th August from 7-9 pm.


Things to Bring: Your own damaged object, a vase, dish, or plate with a few breaks, all other materials included.


This is a 2 part workshop taking place at 7-9pm on both Thursday 25th August & Thursday 01st September.


Please register your interest and Click here to enter.


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