16 May 2019

Here Coworking, Sydney

Here Coworking is a beautiful boutique coworking space in Sydney. It is established at a great location and offers magnificent views from its windows. A perfect blend of work and fun, you will be working in a great atmosphere. This workspace is specially designed for creative companies who wish to grow and enhance their potential. Apart from this, they have stylish event spaces where you can hold events or board meetings. You will get some amazing facilities here that can help you accomplish your tasks more easily.


If you like to keep to yourself or are a social butterfly, all your needs will be catered to. Also, you will be working side by side with other creative teams. This implies that you have a greater chance of widening your network. Isn’t that great news? These are but a few features of Here Coworking Pyrmont. So, to explore the place fully, read further!




Internet: Here Coworking has a super fast internet connection. So, you can work online without any interruption.


Kitchen facilities: A well-equipped kitchen is set up within the centre. Also, it is spacious and offers a great view from the windows. Say goodbye to unannounced hunger pangs!


Lockers: There are secure locker spaces available as well. They are of various sizes. So, choose the one that caters to your needs.


Big desks: At Here Coworking, you will find big desks in comparison to the average coworking studios. That means you do not need to work in a cramped space.


24/7 access: Once you become a full-time member, you will have secure 24/7 access to your workspace. In addition, there is a double-keypad entry and the area has a lot of cameras.


Shower facilities: They also provide shower facilities so that you can refresh yourself whenever you want to!


Front Desk: Here Coworking has a big reception area. Further, all your problems will be catered by the professional team of the centre.


Catering: When you plan to organise an event in this centre, you have the option to opt for catering services as well!


IT services: On request, you can get an offer to hire an in-house IT specialist at Here Coworking.


L.A. Member Intro: Once you become a member of this centre, you can receive discounts on the famous boutique hotels of LA.


IP Lawyer: If you want to safeguard your IP or copyright, Here Coworking can introduce you to a legal partner.





To procure more information, call them on +61 2 8317 6138 or drop them an email at


You can also visit their website


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