10 December 2017

Visual Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2018

It’s getting more challenging to impress increasingly jaded internet users, but Depositphotos seems to have an idea of the visual concepts that might.

In a beautifully designed post, the stock photography service releases its forecast for visual trends that are likely to go big in 2018, based on its analysis of search algorithms as well as viewpoints from top photographers.

Have a look at five trends and check out all 10 over at Depositphotos.

Impact photography

Image provided by Depositphotos

As fake news becomes a persistent problem, people are increasingly earnest to get closer to the truth. Impact photography resonates with audiences and unveils the truths that would shape the near future.

“The accessibility of cameras is going to inspire people to not only document their daily life but also shine light on important events,” Depositphotos explains.

Blurred lines of reality

Image provided by Depositphotos

How technology integrates into people’s lives will influence what “the next big thing” might be. Whether you like it or not, technologies like AI and AR have settled into society and they’re likely here to stay.

Suffice to say, brands are likely to adopt these systems and elevate them visually in order to stay ahead.

“As always, there’ll be a demand for images of any new technology that’s been introduced recently and of people using it,” says professional photographer Logan Bannatyne. “Virtual reality, AI and smart home technology [are] what spring to my mind.”

Read about five more visual trends over at Depositphotos.


By Mikelle Leow