7 September 2017

A.I. Is Not Likely To Impact Creative Jobs

Artificial Intelligence Is Not Likely To Impact Creative Jobs, New Study Finds


AI has made its mark in the creative world, especially in the recent months. It can create original clothing, accurate brand identities from scratch within seconds, and critique your logo.


Designers are dreading how far neural networks have come, and how much farther they can go. Fortunately, recent research suggests that AI will only be here to aid—not hurt—the future of creatives.


According to The Drum Market Insight Report - Artificial Intelligence Edition, companies do not agree that AI can fulfill the capabilities of human creative roles.


In a study of 200 marketers, The Drum and social media analytics company Sysomos found that while participants agreed AI would increase productivity, efficiency, and generate new ideas, it might not be able to copy actual creativity—which they appreciate.

[via The Drum, cover image via Shutterstock]


By: Mikelle Leow