14 April 2020

Adobe Is Offering Two Free Months Of Creative Cloud, Here’s How To Find It

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Adobe is offering every Creative Cloud user two months of free subscription during this tough period.


This promotion hasn’t been publicly declared, but PetaPixel has created an instructional guide on how to get the offer in just a few minutes.


Please also note that this promotion might only work for some users due to various factors. Those who opted to pay annually might not see this offer, while others were only presented the free subscription after they clicked past the early cancellation fee warning.


Firstly, you will have to log in to your Creative Cloud account on Adobe’s website. Secondly, click on the Cancel Plan link on the account overview page.


You will be presented with an account verification process before going through a few steps to cancel your account. Once this is over, go past the Feedback and Details page and head to the Offers page.


If you are prompted with a warning about an early cancellation fee, click accept and get past it. The offer will be presented to you before you finalize the cancellation.


In a bid to keep you as a subscriber, the two-month free membership will be presented to you. Click on ‘Accept Offer’. You will then be taken to the confirmation page stating that your plan has been updated with the 60-day free credit.


This trick seems similar to one discovered back in December 2019. For more ways to score a cheaper (or free) subscription plan, head here.



By Izza Sofia.



Source: Design Taxi