29 March 2017

Digital Marketing and Strategy

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As part of your overall marketing strategy, an increasingly important component will be your digital marketing strategy. From SEO to SEM and Social Media to Email Marketing, you need to choose the right channels to develop an effective digital strategy.

Why does Digital matter?

In our world where over 85% of people search for businesses online, digital matters. If you want a highly targeted and measurable way of advertising your B2B company, digital channels are so important! Many digital marketing channels let you targeted specific audiences, with specific budgets. Then, you’re provided with specific, measurable results without any guesswork.

Traditional vs Digital

Marketing continues to change and evolve into more digital channels - stay ahead by defining a strong digital plan. You cannot rely solely on traditional marketing channels to grow and build your brand in this modern world. Digital marketing does not completely remove the need for traditional marketing. The best strategies involve a mixture of both, strongly targeted towards your pre-defined target market and the channels they use most.


The benefit of a digital marketing is the ability to target a specific audience, followed by the abundance of results and tracking information available. Each digital marketing channel provides different insights about your target market. This makes it much easier to identify areas of improvement, compared to measuring this information via traditional marketing channels.


Tips for Building a Strong Digital Strategy


  • - A digital strategy should not sit in isolation from your overall B2B marketing strategy. Digital marketing must fit into the plan.
  • - Assess your customer base and determine which channels are the most suitable.
  • - Research what your competitors are doing.
  • - Create plans, tactics and goals for each channel.
  • - Allow reasonable budgets for each channel, to achieve the pre-defined goals.
  • - Implement engaging campaigns and make it really easy for customers to engage.
  • - Track and monitor results.
  • - Make improvements where needed.
  • - Engage the help of experts where needed.


Digital marketing changes and evolves at a rapid pace. Make sure your digital strategy is flexible enough to adapt to emerging technologies. Digital marketing is not something you can do once and forget to maintain.


There’s no value in investing in a new website if you do not have a content strategy to continuously grow your website and its presence online. You cannot create Google AdWords campaigns, then lack the discipline to monitor and frequently optimise for the best results. With the abundance of measurement tools and data available in these digital channels, take advantage of the opportunity to change, tweak and update campaigns to improve their performance.


Overall, your digital and traditional marketing channels should complement one another. Different customers prefer communication through different channels. Give your brand, message and communication some consistencies in every channel.


If you need help defining your digital strategy, we are here to help. We’ve helped many businesses like yours, to build and implement their digital marketing strategy while achieving fantastic results. Save time, by engaging our team of experts.


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