16 November 2020

Google Cloud launches new Data Migration Service

Google Cloud has released its new Data Migration Service (DMS), with the intention of making it easier for enterprise customers to move production databases to the cloud.


Currently available in Preview, customers can migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL from on-premises environments or other clouds.


Customers can start migrating with DMS at no additional charge for native like-to-like migrations to Cloud SQL. Support for PostgreSQL is currently available for limited customers in Preview, with SQL Server coming soon.


Top benefits of Google Cloud's DMS


Overall, Google Cloud states key benefits are simplicity, the serverless nature of the solution, and security and compatibility.


From preparing the databases, to configuring secure connectivity, to validating the migration setup, DMS provides a guided, integrated experience, the company states.


It is unique as a serverless migration service, eliminating the manual customer hassle of provisioning, managing, or monitoring migration-specific resources.


Furthermore, automatic scaling means fast data replication, minimising downtime for production workloads.


Finally, DMS protects sensitive data during migration with support for multiple secure, private connectivity configurations, and leverages native database replication capabilities to ensure compatibility, reliability, and high fidelity.


Solving migration issues


Gartner predicts that by 2023, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform. However, commonly used database migration offerings are costly, hard to set up, and error-prone, Google Cloud states.


This is due to the fact that they frequently require additional provisioning for migration compute resources, introduce new complexities during the migration process, and can’t guarantee data fidelity.


According to Google Cloud, DMS is designed to be reliable and significantly simplifies network connectivity.


The serverless offering eliminates the typical need to provision and pay for migration-specific compute resources, the company states.


In addition, the experience eliminates the need for customers to read through documentation in order to set up their network.


Instead, customers can take advantage of its native replication capabilities and avoid incompatibilities between source and destination, especially for metadata operations.


Cloud SQL growing fast, powered by DMS


The company states that Cloud SQL is one of the fastest-growing services at Google Cloud, powering mission-critical workloads at some of the largest enterprises across the globe.


DMS accelerates migrations from legacy on-premises and other database cloud services to Cloud SQL, where enterprises can take advantage of integrations with Google Kubernetes Engine for development and BigQuery for analytics, the company states.


For native like-to-like migrations to Cloud SQL, DMS is available at no additional charge, according to Google Cloud.


DMS aids digital transformation strategies


Google Cloud general manager and vice president engineering, databases Andi Gutmans says, “As organisations modernise their infrastructure and advance their digital transformation strategies, migrating mission-critical operational databases that power their business success is crucial.


“Database migration is a complex process for most businesses. With Database Migration Service, we’re delivering a simplified and highly compatible product experience so that, no matter where our customers are starting from, they have an easy, and secure way to migrate their databases to Cloud SQL.”


Source: IT Brief