24 August 2017

How To Design Beautiful User Interfaces

Using The ‘Golden Ratio Grid’


The Golden Ratio has attained cult status among creatives, and for good reason—it’s a biological yardstick for human beauty, no matter where you’re from. Revolutionary Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci was also known to include the tool in his remarkably precise works.


Following his highly-acclaimed ‘Golden Ratio Grid’ freebie, Digital Designer Adrián Somoza—founder of premium digital resources collection ‘Bont’—has created a nifty tutorial about using the grid in user interface design, proving to web designers and developers that the formula applies flawlessly beyond the realms of graphic design.


“One of the reasons why this golden proportion works so well is that we are already used to seeing pleasing aesthetic proportions in nature,” explains Somoza. “So, that’s why when we design with a ‘Golden Ratio Grid’ and we use golden proportions, then it’s more pleasing to the eye.”


Watch the tutorial below and download the free ‘Golden Ratio Grid’ resource to keep your design projects in perfect harmony.



Video via Bont Co


By Mikelle Leow