6 May 2021

5 Websites That Showcase The Latest Big Design Trends

For most of us, the global pandemic has been the biggest thing to happen in our lifetimes – not least because it's affected absolutely everything. Yes, even web design.


To gauge where the profession is now heading as a result, Editor X – the advanced website creation platform for designers and agencies – recently published an interactive report, which highlights the most prominent web design trends to emerge in the wake of Covid-19.


But what do these trends look like in practice? For this article, we've teamed up with Editor X to pinpoint specifics websites that reflect these and other emerging trends, all made from the website creation platform. We hope they'll inspire your own projects in 2021 and beyond.


1. The Hope by Design trend: Jin Xia

In the last 12 months, the world has needed as much optimism as it could get. And so web designers have been stepping up with positive, colourful and upbeat work that helps lift people's spirits. Not surprising, then, that 'Hope by Design' is one of the biggest themes in Editor X's recent trend report.


For a great example of the trend, check out the portfolio site of Jin Xia, a passionate illustrator with experience in web design who's currently studying an MFA degree at Maryland Institute College of Art.


Xia's colourful and enlivening art is brought beautifully to the fore by this subtly elegant, minimalist website. We particularly love how we also get a glimpse into her stunning sketchbooks alongside her main projects.


2. The Design Activism trend: Rich Minority

With public protest made difficult by the pandemic, designers have taken up some of the slack over the past year, leading to what Editor X's report dubs the trend of 'Design Activism'.


To see what this looks like in practice, check out the website of Rich Minority, which designs accessories and garments for outcasts. Its instantly compelling website draws you in with a bold mission statement, stark and attention-grabbing video wall, and uncompromising product photography.


3. The Panoramic Photography trend: Ikira

White Stone Atelier - A boutique design studio specializing in beautiful brand & websites for interior designers
White Stone Atelier - A boutique design studio specializing in beautiful brand & websites for interior designers


We've all been stuck inside so long that our personal worlds have got smaller and smaller by the day. So when we turn to the web, we want to be transported to wider, louder and more colourful places... even if only virtually. Hence a recent trend for epic, panoramic photography in web design.


A typical example can be seen on the site for Ikira, which designs and manufactures premium exterior soft furnishings for the retail, hospitality and interior design trades. Wherever you click, you're presented with cinematic scenes that draw you in and take you to faraway, exotic and enticing places.


4. The Type Innovation trend: Yulari Films

Typography is undergoing somewhat of a quiet revolution right now. While few people other than committed typophiles may have noticed, there's a huge amount of visual innovation happening when it comes to fonts and lettering on websites.


The old days of sticking to a few 'web safe' fonts are long behind us, and you can see a great example in the website for Yulari Films. First, there's the dazzlingly different logo, fizzling with disruptive energy. Then, in contrast, there's the elegant stylings of the main sans-serif, which evokes class, modernity and sophistication while remaining utterly distinct.


5. The Supercharged Visuals trend: Dazzle Studio

Improvements in screen tech are coming at a rapid pace right now, with 4K becoming the standard for everything from TVs to smartphones. And web designers are taking advantage of the pinpoint accuracy and high colour gamut of these new displays by packing their sites with ever-more impactful visuals.


For an example, check out the website of Dazzle Studio, the studio of designer, illustrator and animator Zipheng Zhu. Supercharged with bright and colourful shapes and animations, it's incredibly vivid and flamboyant, drawing you into Zhu's work and making your pulse race!


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Source: Creative Boom