29 June 2019

Again Again: an eco-friendly option for your daily takeaway coffee

Calling all the coffee drinkers!


Introducing Again Again, a new eco-friendly initiative that is set to change the daily takeaway coffee game for the better.


Again Again provides a fleet of reusable steel cups, silicone lids and cardboard heat sleeves available by deposit and return at participating cafes around Auckland. Customers order their coffee as usual. They pay a $3 deposit when they “check out” a cup, which is fully refunded when they return the cup to any café in the Again Again network.


Again Again then manages cup redistribution around its network of cafes.


The system focuses on the “convenience” side of takeaway coffee, and follows a successful pilot program in Wellington at the end of 2018. All 14 pilot cafes subscribed commercially at the end of the pilot, with 40 Wellington cafes now on board with Again Again. Now it's Auckland's turn.


A total of 30 cafes around inner Auckland have joined the launch including Hipgroup’s Amano and The Store, Good Karma in North Wharf, and cafe leaders in CityWorks Depot.


See below for the current city centre Again Again coffee cup locations.



Source: Heart of The City