16 January 2018

10 reasons to change careers in 2018

If you're back at your desk after Christmas, fed up and unhappy, glancing at the clock every two minutes, willing the day to disappear, then perhaps it's time to consider a career change.


A new year always represents a fresh start. A chance to begin again. For those of you feeling disheartened rather than happy to be back at work, now's the perfect opportunity to make that scary leap into the unknown.


We're familiar with career changes at Shillington. It's one of the top reasons why people sign up to our graphic design courses. Here, we look at the top 10 reasons to change careers and be happier doing something you love, that's whether it's graphic design, photography or even becoming a yoga teacher.


1. You didn't choose your current path

Sometimes, we fall out of school, college or university and find ourselves in jobs we just didn't want. Needs must, as they say. You always planned to leave one day and follow the career path of your dreams. But, for whatever reason, it just hasn't happened. Consider what you love doing, look at the skills and experience you've gained so far, and carve out your next step to move towards a better career.


2. You've realised you need to be more creative

You're stuck in a job that isn't creative. There's no design. No ideas generation. No writing. Nothing that feeds your appetite for creativity. You're desperate to itch that scratch. If you think most jobs are devoid of creativity, think again. There are so many career paths that are creative – public relations, marketing, design, publishing... the world is your oyster.


3. You've become bored

You might be on your chosen career path, only to find yourself utterly bored. It happens to the best of us. You thought you'd love doing what was always your chosen destiny, but find yourself daydreaming about something completely different. If your current job no longer excites you. If you feel stuck and going to waste, it's definitely time to overhaul your career.


4. You feel as though you've reached your limit

In your current job, it feels like there is literally nothing left to learn. The challenge is gone. You're repeating the same lessons over and over again. You're unfulfilled and don't you just know it. Don't waste another minute. Think about the things that excite you. What do you want to learn? What skill gaps do you want to address? How do you want to flex your creative muscle? A different job may address all these wants and desires, and more.


5. You're not getting any younger

Another year has passed. That big birthday is looming. What are you waiting for? There really is no time like the present. Time waits for no man. This ain't no dress rehearsal. Make 2018 the year that you finally realise your dream of becoming a designer, a photographer, an astronaut... whatever takes your fancy.


6. You've realised it's far easier to switch careers

These days, many skills are transferable. You can easily hop from one industry to another. But if you feel as though you need to study before you make that jump, there are way more courses and learning materials at your fingertips. For example, if graphic design is your dream, we offer both full and part-time courses at our six campuses around the world, helping you to transition.


7. You've spotted an opportunity

Sometimes, things change. Industries die out. Money is spent elsewhere. If your current job is under threat or there's just not as much demand as before, then you should look for more prospective paths. Look for where the excitement and opportunity lies. For instance, graphic design has never been more popular, as visual communication now spreads across a bigger network of platforms and channels.


8. You're ready to make more money and win that promotion

Jobs can often have ceilings. You may have reached yours and find there's nowhere to progress and make more money. If that's the case, side-stepping into another industry may help. We all want to move up the ladder. Getting that promotion might just mean a slight diversion. And hey, you might find you end up doing something you really love.


9. Your outlook on life might have changed

Life can sometimes determine your next move. A new partner, a change in address, a holiday in the sun or turning 30 can change your perspective. You may suddenly realise that something needs to give if you're going to be happy. What does your new career look like now that you see things differently?


10. You're fed up and suffering from burnout

The absolute top reason why you should change careers in 2018? Burnout. Life is too short to suffer from stress and exhaustion at work. If you're living for the weekends, but finding you spend most of Saturday and Sunday in bed to recover, don't fret! The career of your dreams is waiting just around the corner, and all it takes is a step in the right direction – starting with an assessment of your existing skills and experience, and where you may need to fill in the gaps to secure that next job.


By Anthony Wood