30 March 2022

7 Stories To Spark Convos This Week If The Office Vibe Has Disintegrated By 3pm

When that 3pm wall hits, it drags the whole office vibe down with it. During that arvo slump, everyone’s searching for a way to procrastinate. Usually, I start blabbing every benign thought that enters my head to the unlucky sucker who happened to make eye contact with me. But of course, when you’re looking for a distraction, it’s not going to be the best chat of your life. Especially if poor Dave in Accounts doesn’t watch MAFS, he will, once again, be disappointed to hear you yabber on about how your bagel at lunch had poppy seeds on it, when you’re really more of a sesame person.


Next time, before you bore Dave (and yourself) with a blow-by-blow of your supermarket trip, stop and get some fresh air for a sec, grab a Suntory BOSS Coffee and pull yourself together. Impress him and raise the lacklustre office vibes by striking up a convo about some current affairs.

By the time you sit back down, you’ll have had a civilised, interesting chat, had your eyes on something that isn’t a screen for the first time all day, and come back energised, ready to nail the rest of the day.


We’ve rounded up some news stories you may have missed from this past week, so you can go off and spruce up the office as Chief Convo Starter.


1. A TikToker Asked A Landlord For References From Former Tenants & They Deleted His Application

TikTok user and comedian Tom Cashman‘s story about asking for a landlord reference went wild this week. After the real estate didn’t respond to his query for four days, Tom followed up before they said they didn’t understand his question. When the landlord didn’t have any tenants they could get in contact with, Tom’s rental application was withdrawn – but not by him. Juicy.


Tenants always have to provide references even for absolute trash rentals. Have you ever asked for a landlord reference?


Have a read of the full saga, HERE.


2. Awkwafina Is Getting Rinsed Over Her Half-Assed Notes App Statement About Her Alleged Blaccent

Awkwafina addressed constant alleged criticisms that she has profited off Black culture and communities throughout her career, this week.


In a statement shared on Sunday, the actress – whose real name is Nora Lum – wrote that African American peoples are disproportionately affected by institutions and that Black Culture is often stolen, exploited and appropriated. She noted she will educate herself more on African American Vernacular English and what’s appropriate, but that she hasn’t “mock[ed], bellittle[d] or be[en] unkind”.


The statement has not been received well, with Black Twitter referring to it as an excuse over an apology.


3. Kylie Jenner Announced She’s Given Birth To Her Second Bébé & I’m Crying In Aunty Kim

With mounting speculation that Kylie Jenner had already given birth, we finally got confirmation this week, with Kylie sharing a black-and-white photo of her son’s hands. It is her second child with rapper Travis Scott. The little brother to Stormi was born on the 2nd of Feb.


Let the pics warm your cold heart and cure the lame office vibes, HERE.


4. Critics Are Saying Zendaya Will Score Another Emmy After That Nail-Biting Euphoria Scene

Holy dooley. If you watched the newest Euphoria episode this week, then you’ll know why Zendaya deserves another Emmy. The fifth episode of season two, “Stand Still Like A Hummingbird”, was tense, emotional and centred entirely on Zendaya’s character Rue. This is one you’ll need to talk through with your colleagues because wow, was it a doozy to watch.


5. Icon Barbie Ferreira Called Out The Gross ‘Backhanded Compliments’ She Gets About Her Body

Euphoria actress, model and all-round queen Barbie Ferreira has spoken about the backhanded compliments she cops on the reg. Namely the “confidence” she has for existing as a plus-size person online.


Read more of Barbie’s comments on the cooked culture, HERE.

6. Neighbours Producers Are Reportedly Scrambling To Save The Show From Getting Axed This Year


In shocking news for anyone who feels like they grew up on Ramsay Street, producers of Neighbours are reportedly rushing to make sure the iconic show doesn’t get axed. This is a terrible blow for Aussie icon Toadfish “Toadie” Rebecchi who will cease to exist if the show does come to a tragic end. We can’t let that happen. Start a riot in the office over this one, dolls.


7. Storm Keating Is Feuding With A Cleaner Via Insta & Her House Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Messy

Yikes. This turned into a bigger news ~storm~ than you’d have expected. Ronan Keating‘s wife Storm has been publicly feuding with a house cleaner she once employed for an end-of-lease clean of her mansion. It all started when JMV Cleaning Services owner Jasmina Dimitrieva told The Sun that Storm refused to pay when the job was done, because apparently it wasn’t good enough. Enter: a bunch of screenshots and lengthy IG posts. Public response to the drama has been mixed but we’ll let you make your mind up about it.


Buckle up and read both sides of the story, HERE.


Go knock your colleagues’ socks off with your new ~mature~ approach to the arvo slump and thank us later when the office vibes are high and you’re not catching up on a week’s worth of arvo work on a Friday.