15 March 2018

Apple's Message to Designers

Apple’s 1985 Message To Designers Surprisingly Still Rings True In 2018


A snippet from the ‘Apple II Human Interface Guidelines’ from 1985 has recently been recirculated on Twitter by Timoni West, Director of Extended Reality at Unity Labs.


While Apple has progressed stagnantly and speedily rolls out updates that render codes from recent years defunct, one of its longstanding principles stays true. In fact, it should remain the foundation of why designers design.

“You must remember that you are dealing with a human being and tailor your [designs] to deal gently with the kind of fears and anxieties that the very existence of your [creation] may provoke.”


Design isn’t just about fancy trimmings or setting yourself apart from a saturated market. It’s meant to help, not harm. Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself recently warned of the consequences that users might have to face if creators lost their intended path. “[AI experts] learn to harness fire for the benefits of humanity, but we have to overcome its downsides.”


The rapid evolution of technology can be so overwhelming, it might blind creatives from seeing what truly matters: making life more comfortable for users.


By Mikelle Leow